Hirax 2004
Hirax in Japan, 2009

Hirax - Raging Violence (Metal Blade) 1985

1. "Demons/Evil Forces" (3:20)
2. "Blitzkrieg Air Attack" (2:04)
3. "Guardian Protector" (1:35)
4. "Bombs of Death" (1:44)
5. "Defeat of Amalek" (3:03)
6. "Raging Violence" (2:49)
7. "Call of the Gods" (1:16)
8. "Warlords Command" (2:35)
9. "Suicide" (2:33)
10. "Executed" (1:37)
11. "The Gauntlet" (1:59)
12. "Destruction and Terror" (2:29)
13. "Destroy" (1:04)
14. "Bloodbath" (1:52)

The debut from California thrash metal band Hirax was released on Metal Blade Records. Thrash metal was still a relatively new monster in '85. Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax hadn't yet become the mega-stars of the scene and Megadeth had just released their first album that same year. Many thrash bands were releasing demos and making a name for themselves on compilations such as the massively successful Metal Massacre series. Hirax was featured on "Metal Massacre VI" with "Bombs of Death". “…bombs of death, it’s over, drop from the sky, nuclear war, get ready prepare to die…” That song became one of the bands signature songs and also ended up on this debut album.

Hirax sound in these early years can be summed up as raw, bombastic and chaotic. Hirax combine speed metal and a punk delivery for a sound that would later be described as crossover. The songs are all short, with the longest clocking in at three minutes and the average time at under two minutes. So it isn't about songwriting, hooks or musicianship. Rather, it's about attitude, speed and aggression. That is exactly what Hirax deliver. The musicianship is a bit sloppy with the drums struggling to keep up with the manic speed of the music, but frankly the delivery adds to the overall appeal. At times it almost feels as if the song is going to fall apart but somehow it never actually does.

What Hirax had that many bands with a punk influence didn't have at the time was a singer whose style was more in the speed metal camp then the yelling and screaming of punk. Katon De Pena definitely helps define the Hirax sound. In fact, in years to come he will remain the one constant in the band.

Hirax - Hate Fear & Power
(Metal Blade) 1986 black vinyl
Hirax - Hate Fear & Power
(Deep Six Records) 1986 green marble re-issue

1. "Hate, Fear and Power" (0:28)
2. "Blind Faith" (2:48)
3. "Unholy Sacrifice" (2:00)
4. "Lightning Thunder" (2:01)
5. "The Last War" (2:29)
6. "The Plague" (1:52)
7. "Imprisoned by Ignorance" (1:55)
8. "Criminal Punishment" (2:00)

The sophomore release from Hirax is an eight song min-LP that clocks in around 15 minutes long. The album is continuation of the sound from band's debut, "Raging Violence". Once again the band blends heavy metal with the speed and frantic delivery of punk in short two minutes bursts. The opening title track is actually only about thirty seconds long. The band does slow things down on songs like "The Last War," "The Plague" and "Imprisoned by Ignorance."  Once again Katon De Pena's vocals give the band some much needed identity.

I've always wondered if "Blind Faith" was a response to those who thought Katon showed to much respect to the Christian faith on the band's debut. On the song he states, "religion is a sacred thing, to each is their own...you do not have to believe in God to be a friend of mine." The song was later revamped and recored for the band's 2009 release "El Rostro De La Muerte".

The original Metal Blade pressing was released in 1986 and is in fairly short supply. The album was re-iussed on Deep Six Records many years later on green vinyl.

Hirax Ragin Violence picture LP
Hirax - Not Dead Yet 12"
(Metal Blade) 1987
picture disc/vinyl

Hirax - Not Dead Yet (Metal Blade) 1987
1. "Demons Evil Force"
2. "Bombs of Death"
3. "Warlords Command"
4. "Bloodbath"
1. "Blind Faith"
2. "Criminal Punishment"
3. "Lighting/Thunder"
4. "The Plague"

Picture disc compilation made up of the first two Hirax albums. I don't think this 8 song compilation was ever released as a regular black record. The CD version, originally released on Metal Blade as well, features all the songs from the first two albums. See CD list for detalied review.

Hirax - Blasted in Bangkok (Lautrec ) 1987
7"single / black vinyl

1. "Fear the War Within"
2. "The Begining of the End"

"Blasted in Bagkok" was originally recorded as a 3-song demo, then later put to wax on this two-song 7" release. Both songs are raw, punchy thrash metal with not quite as much of punk/crossover sound the tracks on "Raging Violence".

Hirax/Spazz Hirax/Spazz Hirax / Spazz ‎(Theologian/Pessimiser Records) 1997

SIDE A (Hirax)
1. Dying World (Shock)
SIDE B (Spazz)
2. Union Made Mayhem
3. Mervyns

7", 33 ⅓ RPM black vinyl split single. Sports a black and white cover. This is truly an underground release. Two different pressings of 2000 copies were ever made. The only differences I can see between the two pressings is the color of the vinyl label itself; one being white, the other being red. I'm not sure which was the first pressing. "Dying World (Shock)" was originally from the band's 1987 3-song demo tape titled "Blasted in Bangkok". The other two songs from this demo were released on the "Blasted in Bangkok" 7". As for Spazz, I have absolutely zero knowledge and information on them other than they seem to do a lot of split 7" vinyls.

Hirax - El Diablo
(Black Devil Records)
7" picture disc/vinyl

1. "I See Blood"
2. "Slit Your Wrist (Anti-Suicide Song)"
3. "El Diablo Negro"

See CD list for detalied review.

Barrage of Noise
Hirax - Barrage of Noise
(Deep Six Records) 2001

10" Red vinyl

1."Murder One" (2:49)
2. "Barrage of Noise" (0:58)
3. "Walk with Death" (4:44)
4. "Broken Neck" (1:45)
5. "Jade" [instrumental] (2:14)
6. "Mouth Sown Shut" (3:05)
7. "Beyond the Church" (4:01)

8. "French Pearl" [instrumental] (2:39)

See CD list for detalied review.

New Age of Terror
Hirax - The New Age Of Terror
(Black Devil Records) 2004 (Green vinyl/autographed by Katon DePena, Angelo Espino & Glenn Rogers)
Hirax - The New Age Of Terror (TPL Records) 2004 (Gatefold cover/black vinyl)

1. "Kill Switch" (3:46)
2. "Hostile Territory" (1:45)
3. "The New Age of Terror" (4:54)
4. "Swords of Steel" (3:59)
5. "Into the Ruins" (:46)
6. "Massacre of the Innocent" [instrumental] (1:41)
7. "Hell on Earth" (4:23)
8. "Suffer" (3:38)
9. "El Dia de los Muertos" [instrumental] (2:13)
10. "El Diablo Negro" [new version] (4:14)
11. "Unleash the Dogs of War" (5:56)

See CD list for detalied review.

Assassins of War
Hirax - Assasins of War (Deep Six Records) 2006
Blue vinyl

1."Lucifer's Infierno" (3:10)
2. "Summon the Death Dealers" (6:43)
3. "City of the Dead" (4:31)
4. "Invasion" (2:23)
5. "Assassins of War" (4:35)

See CD list for detalied review.

Hirax - Chaos and Brutality (Selfmadegod) 2008
7" EP / black vinyl

1. "Chaos And Brutality" (3:34)
2. "Walk With Death" (3:24)

3. "100.000 Strong" [instrumental] (1:39)
4. "Lucifer’s Infierno Reprise [instrumental] ( 1:07)

See CD list for detalied review.

Hirax - Satan's Fall (independent) 2008
split single with F.K.U. - Twitch of the Thrash Nerve
7"single / white vinyl
autographed by Glenn Rogers

1. "Satan's Fall"
2. "F.K.U. - Twitch of the Thrash Nerve"


Hirax - Thrash & Destroy (Deep Six Records) 2008
2-LPs, blue & yellow marble, first pressing

1. "El Dia de los Muertos" [intro]
2. "100,000 Strong"
3. "Lucifer´s Infierno"
4. "Blind Faith"
5. "The New Age of Terror"
6. "Chaos and Brutality"
7. "Hate, Fear and Power"
8. "Hostile Territory"
9. "Destroy"
10. "Broken Neck"
11. "Bombs of Death"
12. "El Diablo Negro"
13. "Barrage of Noise"
14. "Walk With Death"
15. "The Plague"
16. "Mouth Sewn Shut"
17. "Assassins of War"
18. "Unleash the Dogs of War "

See CD list for detalied review

09 split Hirax/Resistance - Metalheads United (Emanes Metal/Under Siege) 2009

1. Hate, Fear and Power [live]
2. Demons Evil Forces [live]
3. Metal Forces
4. Resistance [live]

Spilt 7" EP with two live Hirax tracks recorded live in Europe during the Metal Forces Night. Both tracks were recorded live in Lorrach, Germany on September, 29, 2007. Of course, both tracks are from the bands 80's catalog and are exceptionally performed. It is my opinion that Hirax currently have their best line-up ever. Black vinyl. Includes and insert. A nice collector's vinyl for the Hirax maniac.

El Rostro LP El Rostro El Rostro 7"
Hirax - El Rostro De La Muerte
(Fast & Furious Records) 2009
Hirax - El Rostro De La Muerte (Black Devil Records) 2009

1.    Baptized By Fire    (4:18)     
2.    Eradicate Mankind   (3:39)    
3.    Chaos and Brutality    (3:38)    
4.    El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face of Death)    (6:22)    
5.    Blind Faith    (2:49)   
6.    Horrified    (2:52)    
7.   Battle of the North [instrumental]  (1:33)     
8.  Death Militia    (1:51)    
9.  Broken Neck    (2:01)    
10.  Violent Assault    (3:32)    
11.  Cuando Cae la Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls) [instrumental] (1:57)    
12.  Satan’s Fall    (6:24)

7" single (included w/ 12" sleeve)
1. Flesh and Blood    (5:46)   
2. The Laws of Temptation   (4:39)   

The black vinyl release of "El Rostro De La Muerte" includes a lyric sheet, poster, 12" vinyl and a 7" vinyl single. My copy is autographed by the entire band. See CD list for detalied review. (Thank Glenn) There is also a 12" picture disc of "El Rostro De La Muerte" with a blue 7" single, which I also own.

Hirax Hirax/Violator - Raging Thrash (Black Devil/Deep Six) 2010

1. Hirax - Baptized By Fire (4:17)
2. Violator - Futurphobio (4:37)

Split, orange vinyl, 7" record featuring Hirax, and undergournd favorties Violator. Very cool 80's styled thrash metal cover art.

Immortal Legacy Hirax - Immortal Legacy (AFM) 2014

1.   Black Smoke (4:35)
2.   Hellion Rising (4:05)
3.   Victims of the Dead (3:07)
4.   Thunder Roar, The Conquest, La Boca de la Bestia - The Mouth of the Beast (4:54)
5.   Earthshaker [instrumental] (0:44)
6.   Tied to the Gallows Pole (4:05)
7.   Deceiver (3:42)
8.   Immortal Legacy (4:40)
9.   S.O.W. (0:57)
10. Violence of Action (3:36)
11. Atlantis (Journey to Atlantis) [instrumental] (1:30)
12. The World Will Burn (2:07
13. Mass Hysteria (03:45)

Limited edition blue vinyl and CD combo. Deluxe gatefold cover with artwork done by Philip Lawvere, the artist behind such classic album covers as Kreator's  "Pleasure To Kill" and Celtic Frost's "Emperor's Return"

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