Generation Hoodless – Music For Jerks (Hoodless Music) 2010

1.   Touch & Cry (4:17)
2.   Waiting (3:27)
3.   Innocent (4:13)
4.   Down (4:29)
5.   GAPO (4:19)
6.   Say It Loud (5:03)
7.   Run Away (4:52)
8.   Be My Whore (3:14)
9.   Underground (3:42)
10. “Why So Serious (2:35)

Hoodless are a rock band hailing from New York, USA. I had not previously heard of this band before receiving this CD. My initial thoughts when I saw this CD arrive in the mail was that it must be some sort of rapcore/rap-rock project. I'm not sure what prompted that response in my brain, but I think it was the band name and the look of the album cover. A quick check on-line found people comparing them to Guns 'n Roses. Well, after giving "Music for Jerks" a few spins, I came to the conclusion that Hoodless are neither a rap-rock band, nor are they Guns 'n Roses wannabes. If there be any comparisons to GnR, it might be that some of the guitar work is influence by Slash, but the overall sound of the band just isn't GnR. In fact, they are a straight-forward, modern, hard rock band. They blend a classic rock sound with what I would describe as alternative rock, or perhaps just modern rock. The band fuses a lot of groove with an overall melodic feel. The vocals of Twon strike an uncanny resemblance to Warrant's Jani Lane at times. In fact, had "Music for Jerks" been released as the follow-up to "Belly to Belly: Volume One" I don't think anyone would have been the wiser.Of course even mentioning the name Warrant will evoke thoughts of pop-metal and "Cherry Pie", however, that is not the case whatsoever. However, like 1990's Warrant, Hoodless has that similar blend of modern influences with melodic hard rock and hooky songwriting. It's also worthy of mentioning that the production is nicely done. The guitars are crunchy and every instrument is clearly heard.

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