Infinite Horizon

From Blackest Darkness Infinite Horizon - Beyond Infinite (independent) 2001

1. "Spider's Web" (6:52)
2. "You" (5:26)
3. "Breakdown" (7:42)
4. "Dark Side of the Sun" (4:07)
5. "Nowhereland" (5:05)
6. "Like a Labyrinth" (5:06)
7. "Alone in the Streets" (4:46)
8. "Free My Soul" (6:14)
9. "Questions" (7:24)

Yet another killer German metal band. Why is it that all the good metal seems to be in Germany right now? Anyhow, Infinite Horizon are a perfect mix of power metal and progressive metal. They haven't forgotten what the HEAVY in Heavy Metal is for, yet they write epic, progressive and technical songs. As with most prog-metal bands, the lyrics are very poetic and imaginative with any conclusions being made left totally up to the listener. Several of the songs focus on spiritual issues, but as I said, pinning down exactly what they are trying to say is probably left to the listener. What is also impressive about this disc is the fact that it's completely independent, yet sounds as professional as anything on a label these days. Great job. Hopefully these guys will catch on and be able to crank out more killer tunes in the future.

Mind Passages Infinite Horizon - Mind Passages (independent) 2004

1. "The Way To Eternity" (7:24)
2. "Return To Babylon" (5:27)
3. "Elysium" (6:06)
4. "Hole In The Sky" (6:20)
5. "Daydreamer" (4:56)
Space Dream Navigation:
6. "Metamorphosis" (1:45)
7. "The Experiment" (9:45)
8. "Secret Intention" (3:09)
9. "Face In The Mirror" (7:46)
10. "Eternal Salvation" (6:04)
11. "The Reaper" (4:17)

I am amazed that these guys had to release their second album on their own again. Perhaps they just choose to stay independent, because frankly the music is better than many known bands on established labels. "Mind Passages" continues in a similar mode to "Beyond Infinite", mixing heavy guitars, smokin' guitar solos, and melodic, dynamic, metallic songwriting. Infinite Horizon reminds me of Savatage at times. Not only are there similarities in the way they mix heavy metal and progressive rock, but even the vocals of Marc Lemler remind me of Zachary Stevens at times. The highlight of this disc is the epic "Space Dream Navigation" that makes up the last half of the disc. The sweeping melodies and heavy guitars are captivating on the very first listen. The keyboards as well really add to the bands sound, rather than distracting and taking away from the heavy nature of the recording.

Soul Reducer Infinite Horizon - Soul Reducer (Black Bards Entertainment) 2008

1. Children of Tomorrow (6:06)
2. Burning Bridges (4:56)
3. The thin Line (5:30)
4. Facing Mr. Hyde (6:00)
5. Tears over Jerusalem (5:39)
6. Under Blood Red Skies (4:46)
7. Re-evolution (4:09)
8. Into the Void (5:55)
9. The Dark Side of the Sun (4:01)

Eight years have passed since Germany's Infinite Horizon released their debut and little has changed with this band. Their line-up had stay in tact, as has their sound. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that the band has been toiling in the underground for nearly a decade with very little fanfare. Infinite Horizon are obviously a band that believe in what they do and don't care about passing trends in music, or success over substance.

With "Soul Reducer" the band continues to produce some fine, progressive, melodic heavy metal. Marc Lemmler's raspy vocals still bring to mind classic Savatage, as does some of the music. While I've never read even one interview by this band, if they weren't heavily influenced by albums like "Edge of Thorns" and "Edge of Thorns", I'd be shocked. However, don't let this distract from the quality of the band's music. They have some power metal influences mixed into the music as well, as some other progressive influences. For the most part the songs are fairly guitar driven, though keyboards are used throughout to give the songs that more progressive rock feel. "Tears over Jerusalem" has a flavor not unlike Iced Earth. The song is crunchy and heavy while retaining a melodic nature. One of my favorite songs from this CD is "Blood Red Skies", which is actually an emotional ballad that features some beautiful keyboard work. Overall, Infinite Horizon's third album offers more of the same. Fans of Savatage, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Threshold, etc. will find something to grasp hold of here as well. (thanks Olaf)

Dominion Infinite Horizon - Dominion (Black Bards Entertainment) 2009

1. I'm Alive (4:53)
2. God of Lies (4:29)
3. 28 Days (5:30)
4. Liar (5:36)
5. Code of Decadence (5:55)
6. N.G.S. (5:20)
7. Pay High Fly Low (5:25)
8. Lines in the Sand (4:36)
9. Living on the Edge (6:22)
10. Oblivion (4:28)

Four albums into their career and this powerful progressive metal band are still trudging along in the metal underground. Much like the band's previous efforts, the band still creates the same dynamic heavy metal with powerful vocals and varied instrumental work. Because of the vocals, I am often reminded of Savatage, however Infinite Horizon are hardly some clone band. Vocalist Marc Lemmler has a great voice. He doesn't break glass with falsetto screams, but his brooding vocals do show a lot of passion and aggression. In general, "Dominion" stays within the confines of the melodic, progressive metal, but there are some touches of power metal here and there too. Perhaps fellow German metallers Grave Digger and Rage have had some influence in the band's sound. There are some tinkling keyboards mixed into the songs. Frankly, I'm not sure what the purpose is as I think most of the songs stand up without keys and would probably be that much heavier as well. Still, I don't really find the keys all that distracting. I did like the melancholy keyboard intro to "Code of Dependence". As with many progressive bands, more than one listen is required before the songs really start to sink in. I know that was the case with me. There is really nothing pop about this, and the hooks are not going to immediately grab you by the jugular. What becomes memorable are the rich melodies and the dance between the heavy guitars and the melodic nature of the songwriting. Prog-metal fans should find much to like here. Infinite Horizon may still be toiling in the underground, but they are certainly worthy of more attention.

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