Intruder are a thrash metal band from the home of country music Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Originally formed under the name Transgresser, they eventually changed their name to Intruder.

Live To Die...Relived Intruder - Live To Die...Relived (Hellion) 1987/2004

1. Cover Up (4:00)
2. Turn Back (4:43)
3. Victory In Disguise (5:35)
4. Live To Die (6:35)
5. Kiss Of Death (5:41)
6. Cold-Blooded Killer (5:29)
7. Blind Rage (5:17)
8. T.M. (You Paid The Price) (4:37)
9. Cold-Blooded Killer [demo 86] (5:17)
10. Blind Rage [demo 86] (5:23)
11. Victory In Disguise [demo 86] (4:56)
12. Cover Up [demo 84] (3:53)
13. Night Shift [demo 84] (4:22)
14. Live To Die demo 84] (6:36)

Intruder's independent debut record "Live To Die" was originally released in 1987. Intruder were an American speed metal band, whose sound is similar to bands such as Agent Steel and Powermad, though they are bit more progressive. While the music is fairly heavy and mostly fast paced, there is a certain amount of melody and originality to the bands as well. While Intruder are mostly thought of as a thrash metal band, there is a lot of classic heavy metal influence heard throughout the band's music. Basically, Intruder ride the fence between the harsh, aggressive thrash sound and a more classic heavy metal sound, not unlike early Metal Church or Flotsam & Jetsam. However, Intruder sound like neither of these bands. Vocalist James Hamilton has a high-pitched voice, but he is also aggressive enough to fit right in with the high speed metal assault. Surprisingly, considering this was a completely independent project recorded in the 1980's the recording is quite clear.

Intruder's debut had been out of print for many years. It had been officially released on cd in 1990, but quickly went out of print and was quite hard to find. When the band reformed in 2002 and began performing again, interest was again sparked in the band's catalog. "Live to Die...Relived" features new artwork with a very nice booklet. The booklet includes classic photos, a biography on the band as well as a track-by-track rundown by lyricist and drummer John Pieron. The CD itself includes the original track listing along with a slew of bonus demo tracks from when the band was called Transgresser.

The bonus tracks are an interesting listen. There are some different versions of album songs, including different lyrics to some songs such as on the demo of "Victory in Disguise". While these demo tracks are an interesting look into the history of the band, they also hamper the flow of the album slightly. The recording quality isn't quite up the par with the eight album tracks. (Thanks Olaf)

Higher Form of Killing Intruder - A Higher Form of Killing/Escape from Pain (InRock) 1989/1990/2009

A Higher Form of Killing
1. Time of Trouble (:53)
2. The Martyr (6:02)
3. Genetic Genocide (6:03)
4. Second Chance (6:06)
5. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone (3:34)
6. Killing Winds (6:49)
7. The Sentence of Death (7:01)
8. Agents of the Dark (M.I.B.) (5:30
9. Antipath (:28)
10. Mr. Death (4:08)
Escape from Pain
11. 25 or 6 to 4 (4:42)
12.Escape from Pain (8:55)
13.Cold-Blooded Killer (5:26)
14 .Kiss of Death (5:42)
15. T.M. (You Paid the Price) (4:40)

For the most part Nashville, Tennesse's Intruder play straight-forward speed/thrash metal. "A Higher Form of Killing" opens with a short newscast introduction before breaking into the first real track on the album "The Martyr". This is superb, lethal thrash metal that reminds me of bands like Toxik, Laaz Rockit and Powermad. The interplay of fast riffs and more midpaced riffs really works and gives the songs a slightly progressive feel. "Genetic Genocide" follows it up and sounds like a very similar song, with simpler riffs and a slightly less interesting chorus. "Second Chance" slows things downs for a moment opening with nice little instrumental intro before the band starts singing. At this point the song sounds like it is going to be a lame heavy metal ballad, until the band kicks it into overdrive about a minute into the song. This song sports a very cool, heavy riff. "Agents of the Dark" and "Mister Death" both have these really over-the-top power metal choruses, which again brings about the Laaz Rockit comparison. "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone" sticks out like a sore thumb on this album. This is a sloppy punk rock version of a song I think was originally recorded by The Monkees.

This InRock Records CD also includes the "Escape from Pain" EP. The EP starts off with a cover of Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4". Intruder sure do pick strange songs to cover, though I enjoyed this little novelty track a bit more than "Stepping Stone". The title track is an epic length, slightly progressive thasher that I have read is based on a novel of a prisoner of war. The song is nearly nine minutes long but never once did I find myself wanting to push the skip button. "Cold Blooded Killer" opens up with a Metallic inspired riff before breaking into a full throttle thrasher. "Kiss of Death" opens up with some melodic flamenco guitar before exploding into a fast speed metal number. The EP finishes off with one final thrashers, making this EP a worthy addition to the CD.

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