Thrash metal from California, USA

Demented Perception Invection - Demented Perception (Stormspell) 2009

1. Cranial Abyss [instrumental] (1:39)
2. Two Faced Lie (4:23)
3. Invection (2:44)
4. Putrescent Resurrection (3:52)
5. Incarcerate (3:46)
6. Controlled Insanity (4:49)

Invection are yet another in the long list of band’s resurrecting the classic thrash metal sound. This four song EP showcases a band that is obviously heavily influenced by the classic Slayer sound, though they are certainly no clones either. They also avoid the whole “Slaytanic” image offering far more interesting lyrics. The riffs are heavy, the songs are mostly fast, and the vocals are aggressive and spit out with a punk-like fury. The guitar solos are manic and creative as well. The opening instrumental acts as an opening to "Two Faced Lie", which are a great combination and excellent way to open up the CD. I would imagine these two songs would be an equally great way to open up a show. I can just picture the crowd shouting along, fists in the air as a pit breaks out in the middle of the denim and leather clad crowd. "Demented Perception" is an exercise in Thrash Metal 101. It’s too bad that the album isn’t a couple track longer. As it stands, the short six song EP leaves the listener wanting for more.

Derealzation Invection - Derealization (independent) 2010

1.      Derealization (3:59)
2.      Stunted Survival (4:01)
3.      Demented Perception (5:31)
4.      Noetic Affliction  (4:40)

"Derealization" follows up the band's 2009 EP "Demented Perception" and is yet another short, furious EP from California's thrash metal maniacs. The album opens with an intense, speed-infused thrash metal romp. That intensity and speed rarely lets up for the entire twenty minutes of this short EP. Whereas "Demented Perception" immediately reminded me of Slayer, that Slayer-influence seems to be downplayed a bit here as the band goes for a slightly more modern thrash sound. However, don't expect some core crap. No, this is old school thrash metal to the bone! Invection seem to be more about speed and aggression than that Bay Area melody that bands Testament and Metallica were know for back in the day. Once again the vocals are deliverance with a punk-like fury. Vocalist Andrew Kebiak spews out his venom in a more or less clean vocal style but without forsaking aggression. Invection are not reinventing the wheel, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary. They are a thrash metal band playing high caliber thrash metal music.

Facet of Aberration Invection - Facet of Aberration (Stormspell) 2012

1.   Impulsive Violence (3:54)
2.   Invection  (2:40)
3.   Derealization (3:49)
4.   Formication (4:08)
5.   Drug Justice (3:27)
6.   Solace In Mediocrity (3:59)
7.   Two Faced Lie (4:44)
8.   As The Locust Starve (4:32)
9.   Broken Silence (5:15)
10. Noetic Affliction (4:27)

Well it's about time! After releasing two EP's over the past couple years, Invection finally delivers their first full length album, "Facet of Aberration". Invection are one of the new crop of old school, die-hard, retro thrashers. The band is a power trio made up of Andrew Kubiak (guitar, vocals), Andy Lindquist (bass, backing vocals), and John Haag (drums, backing vocals). The three deliver a seriously heavy, ultra-fast, heavy metal platter!

What recording two EPs before releasing a full length album has done for the band is that it has allowed them to get tighter as a unit and hone their skills in the studio as well. "Facet of Aberration" sports a crunchy, but well rounded recording with the guitars, drums, bass and vocals all in their place. Making a comeback from the band's debut EP is their eponymous titled song. It's a short, fast thrasher with gang shouts and a manic guitar solo. "Two Faced Lie" from the debut EP has a crossover vibe. The song sounds like a mixture of The Crucified ("Hellcorn") and Hallows Eve ("Lethal Tendencies"). "Noetic Affliction" and "Derealization" from the EP of the same name, made it's way onto "Face of Aberration" as well.

We are treated to six new thrashers. As with the EPs, the songs are mostly fast and furious, rarely slowing down and never straying into melodic or modern territories. Basically, the riffs are heavy and relentless and the songs are fast and furious. There are times when Invection seem to have a crossover style, like D.R.I or Nuclear Assault. Songs such as "Drug Justice" seem to have that punk inspired vibe. This is enhanced by the vocals of Andrew Kubiak, who spews out the lyrics in his usual punk-like fury. He more or less uses a clean style, never growling, but rather barking out the lyrics with plenty of angst and aggression. The Slayer influences are still present and accounted for too, but the band has really shed any sort of clone status. The main riff of "Noetic Affliction" is most certainly Slayer-inspired. However,  Invection certainly have shed any clone status that may have attached itself to them from their debut.

Invection aren't breaking any new ground with "Facet of Aberration", but then again, they aren't really trying too. It's thrash metal for those who like their music fast and furious.

As usual for anything released on Stormspell Records, the packaging is outstanding as well.

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