Jesus Freaks

Socially Unacceptable Jesus Freaks - Socially Unacceptable (Narrowpath) 1993

1. "Religion" (3:35)
2. "Hypocrite" (7:43)
3. "Mourning by Night" (4:05)
4. "D.U.I." (5:11)
5. "Scarlet Pleasures" (5:19)
6. "Die With Me" (4:33)

This little indie disc sold over 15,000 units from what I have been told, and that without any distribution. Thrash metal that was often compared to early Metallica, but to tell the truth, the only similarity is in the vocals of bassist Eric Peterson. This is just full throttle thrash metal. "Hypocrite" is a killer and super catchy tune! It's a shame that this would be be the one and only album this line-up would record. Their follow-up album would switch several members and switch gears musically as well.

I purchased this one as a new from the one store in town that carried this indie stuff at the time. This CD is nearly impossible to find now.

Jesus Freaks Jesus Freaks (Narrowpath) 1996

1. "Human Decline" (3:57)
2. "React" (4:13)
3. "The Mystery" (5:21)
4. "Hate" (3:55)
5. "Sink" (3:38)
6. "Swim" (4:17)
7. "83 xyz" [instrumental] (1:52)
8. "ps 55" (3:56)
9. "All of Nothing" (4:15)
10. "To the Sky" (3:52)
11. "Warpath" (4:01)
12. "Justasif" (4:07)
13. "Testimony" (4:26)
14. "Stickshift" (4:13)

Jesus Freaks
Jesus Freaks promo photo

I guess the Freaks decided that they needed to make up for only releasing a six song EP, so they released this mega-long, 14 song CD. With the exception of Eric Peterson, the band was made up of all new members by this time, but they had been touring together for a couple of years. I saw the Jesus Freaks twice touring for this album. Both times they played with Ultimatum and one of times, the Moshketeers played as well. Anyhow, with the member change came a style change. While they remained heavy, their sound went from thrash to a heavy, downtuned, midtemp groove. There are a few faster moments ("ps 55") and a few more mellow, somber moments ("83 xyz"), but overall, the entire CD keeps the same mid pace speed. While I do enjoy this disc, I like their first disc a little better. The production was a little better on the first album as well. The mix on "Jesus Freaks" is muddy.

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