Killjoy are from Wellsville, Ohio and got their name from lead singer is Frank Pucci (Killjoy is his nickname). Frank is the same Killjoy from Necrophagia (first album-"Seasons Of The Dead" circa 1986) which is still together with Phil Anselmo of Pantera playing guitar as Anton Crowley. Killjoy have played a few high profile gigs, most notable being with Pantera in Pittsburg, PA. They never really left the area around East Coast area, mostly playing gigs around East Liverpool and Wellsvile, Ohio. The recorded a follow up album in Tampa, Florida. The album was not released under the that the Killjoy name due to their label going under, but was later released under the band name Cabal by Frank Pucci and was called "Midian". The rest of the guys have settled into suburban lifestyles. (thanks for the info Sean Fitch)

Killjoy - Compelled by Fear (Colossal/Restless) 1990

1. "Body Count" (3:47)
2. "Enemy Within (Cycle of Insanity)" (3:29)
3. 'Faith Against Faith" (4:24)
4. "Infected" [instrumental] (3:10)
5. "Demise of Humanity "(4:15)
6. "Status Nine" [instrumental] (1:01)
7. "Frozen Refuge" (4:17)
8. "Fall From Grace" (3:18)
9. "Altered Image" (6:00)
10. "Compelled by Fear" (4:43)
Hidden in track ten-Backward Vocal Line

Killjoy is one of the Bay Area thrash bands that never quite caught on or gained the popularity of some of their contemporaries. Regardless of their lack of popularity, this disc is pure speed-infested, testosterone injected thrash metal. This disc was produced and mixed by Rob "Wacko" Hunter, ex-drummer from Raven. I would compare their sound to Betrayal and Nuclear Assault. The song listing on the back of the disc leaves off track #9 "Altered Image." The song they have listed as #10 is actually a short spoken word thing at the end of "Compelled by Fear" which should be track #10.

An interesting side note, Dave Siers, who is listed as playing guitar on this disc was only fifteen when the album was recorded. However, I have been told that Dave Siers did not play on "Compelled By Fear" and was playing in a band call Mordred at the time. Dave Siers and Paxton House are pictured in the album but neither played on it. All guitars were played by Mark Wolfe and drums by Paul Celli.

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