Kim Mitchell

Killen Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (Alert) 1984

1.  Go for Soda (3:28)
2.  That's a Man (3:47)
3.  All We Are (4:45)
4.  Diary for Rock 'n' Roll Men (4:14)
5.  Love Ties (4:18)
6.  Feel it Burn (4:14)
7.  Lager & Ale (4:05)
8.  Rumour Has It (4:09)
10. Called Off (4:57)

Akimbo Alogo is the first full-length solo album from Canadian guitarist Kim Mitchell after the demise of Max Webster. It includes the only song of his to ever become a hit in the United States titled "Go For Soda". The song is seriously catchy and one of those songs that will echo through my brain for no apparent reason at times to the point I have to go hear that song again. The song was also used for Canada's TV series "Trailer Park Boys" and was also used on the American animated sit-com "American Dad".

For the most part the album is radio-oriented rock with big hooks and some nice guitar work from Mitchell. The sound is a radical departure from the progressive rock of Max Webster. Besides the aforemention "Go For A Soda", "All We Are" and "Lager & Ale" also received significant airplay in Canada. In fact, I spent a week in Canada in 2015 and heard "Lager & Ale" on a local Toronto rock station while I was there.

For whatever reason the album was remixed for the American market in 1985 and a new cover was also issued.

Shakin' Like A Human Being Kim Mitchell - Shakin' Like a Human Being (Alert) 1986

1.          Get Lucky (Boys and Girls) (4:06)
2.          In My Shoes (3:36)
3.          Alana Loves Me (4:13)
4.          Patio Lanterns (3:29)
5.          That's the Hold (4:04)
6.          In Your Arms (4:10)
7.          City Girl (4:06)
8.          Easy to Tame (4:16)
9.          Cameo Spirit (3:35)
10.         Hitting the Ground (4:57)

Second full length solo album for Kim after the demise of Max Webster. Kim's first EP and follow-up album "Akimbo" were fairly hard rocking affairs with some nice guitar work from the axeman. This album is quite different from those albums, and is a much mellower affair. There are some rockers, such as "City Girl" and "Get Lucky", however those tracks are mixed in with a whole lot of balladry. In fact, a majority of this album falls closer to to balladry and even generated a hit for Kim with the ballad "Patio Lanterns". Now saying an album is mellow and has a lot of ballads doesn't necessarily mean it's a criticism but it did throw me for a loop when I first heard it. Before hearing this album I was familiar with two tracks, the ultra-hooky rocker "Go for a Soda" and the classic Max song "Battlescars". So when I decided to finally look further into the man's catalog and purchased "Shakin' Like a Human Being" I was a bit taken back. This album isn't really about rocking, but rather about mellow pop rock, high-gloss sheen and simple compositions. That's not to say it's all bad, but it just seems an attempt at G-rated radio rock from a guy who had given us much better material in the past.

Rockland Kim Mitchell - Rockland (Alert) 1989

1.      Rocklandwonderland (4:22)
2.      Lost Lovers Found (5:08)
3.      Rock 'n Roll Duty (3:43)
4.      Tangle of Love (4:48)
5.      Moodstreet (5:48)
6.      The Crossroads (4:28)
7.      Expedition Sailor (4:27)
8.      O Mercy Louise (3:59)
9.      This Dream (4:34)
10.     The Great Embrace (5:30)

Depending on who you ask "Rockland" is either the worst or the best album that Kim Mitchell ever recorded. One review that I read stated, "If you only buy one of Kim Mitchell's CD's this is a must have." For me this album would not rank high in my list of Mitchell favorites. The former Max Webster guitarist is known as a hard rock guitarist and is well respected by fans of hard rock, heavy metal and prog-rock for his work with Max Webster and some of his early solo work. This album, however, is light-weight AOR. Nothing really rocks hard on this, with the possible exception of "Rock 'n Roll Duty", with it's Spinal Tap-ish song title and lyrics. "I'm just doing my rock 'n roll duty, creating a buzz, buzz, buzz, some say I'm in it for the money, man, I'm in it for love, love love..." This song is a classic rock radio staple in Canada. Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett makes a guest appearance playing acoustic guitars on "Expedition Sailor", which also was released as a single that fared well in Canada. There are a few ballads on this album including "Tangle of Love" and "Lost Lovers Found".  For the most part the songs on "Rockland" have the distortion turned off on the guitars and the keyboards brought out to the front. It is a very light-weight album for Kim with a glossy production.

I Am Kim Mitchell - I Am A Wild Party (Live) (Alert) 1992

1.  I Am a Wild Party (4:25)
2.  That's the Hold [live] (5:05)
3.  Battle Scar [live] (5:54)
4.  Lager and Ale [live] (4:11)
5.  Deep Dive (4:52)
6.  All We Are [live] (5:41)
7.  Rock n Roll Duty [live] (4:17)
8.  Go for Soda [live] (3:59)

Though the album is titled "I Am a Wild Party (Live)" this eight song CD actually contains two new studio tracks titled "I Am A Wild Party" and "Deep Dive" as well as six live tracks. According to the liner notes, five of the six live tracks were performed at The Oshawa Civic Auditorium in Oshawa, Ontario, while Kim's big hit "Go For Soda" was performed at The Kee, in Bala, Ontario. "Battle Scar" is a Max Webster track while the remaining five tracks are from Mitchell's solo releases. The live performances add a bit of raw energy to the songs that cannot be heard on the studio recordings. It's a shame that the album only has six live cuts. As it stands, this CD is basically an EP, as opposed to a full length album.

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