Lanny Cordola

Lanny Cordola is the former guitar shredder for Giuffria, House of Lords, and Magdalen. He has also released several solo projects, has been a guest musician
on a number of projects (including Ken Tamplin) and has been a producer on a myriad of different projects (Ransom).

Electric Warrior /Acoustic Saint Lanny Cordola-Electric Warrior Acoustic Saint (Intense) 1991

1. "Intro (A New Beginning)" (1:19)
2. "Behold This Dream Cometh" (1:28)
3. "Angry Candy" (6:50)
4. "Loony Tunes" (1:08)
5. "Ish Babobill" (:16)
6. "When Shiloa Comes" (3:26)
7. "Birenbau" (:19)
8. "Farbage Calves" (1:22)
9. "Marriage of Figaro (Sort Of...)" (5:46)
10. "Slappy White" (2:28)
11. "Zulu Jam" (:43)
12. "Shadows over My Heart" [vocal] (4:34)
13. "Nesh Taps" (:44)
14. "Jalapeño Man" (1:58)
15. "Djanago" (1:58)
16. "Hungry Hallow" (2:25)
17. "Plmouth Rock" (5:54)
18. "Sadako" (1:59)
19. "Jabberwocy (The Shadow Gang)" (5:28)
20."Vindaloo" (4:09)
21. "Fripp" (:40)
22. "Summertime" (3:18)
23. "Echo Boy" (5:11)
24. "Groom Lake" (:40)
25. "All The Things You Are" (6:47)
26. "Amazing Grace" (1:33)

Lots of experimentation with everything from shred metal to jazz. Have to be in the right mood to listen to this one because of the variety of styles. However, one thing this album does prove is that Lanny is one talented guitarist. James Christian (ex-House of Lords) appears as guest vocalist on a couple of songs, but the majority of this disc is instrumental. "All The Things You Are" also appears on Ken Tamplinv's "Tamplin and Friends."

Lanny Cordola - Of Riffs & Symphonies (ERG) 1992

1. "Kaleidescope" (:49)
2. "Armashreddin'" (5:39)
3. "Play It Again Shem (That Funky Music)" (4:12)
4. "Interlude" (:17)
5. "The Real Thing" [vocal] (3:19)
6. "YV" (4:58)
7. "Gettysburg" (3:57)
8. "Won't Be Long Till Paradise" [vocal] (4:32)
9. "The Obstinate Toy Soldiers" (5:13)
10. "Nan" (4:59)
11. "The Revelation" [vocal] (4:49)
12. "For the Brothers" (5:29)
13. "Donna Lee" (4:18)
14. "Lo I Be With You Always" [vocal] (4:01)

This album features a wide variety of styles, from jazz, to blues, to metal, to Steve Via style shred, to pop. Lanny Cordola is a talented and versitile guitar player and songwriter. Lanny's former band mate, James Christian, is once again the guest vocalist on two songs. ("The Real Thing" & "Revelation.") Lanny appears as a guest guitarist on James' solo album as well. It should also be noted that Joe Satriani released an instrumental album called "The Extremist" about this same time with very similar cover art (smokey, tan color) and some of the same studio musicians (Greg & Matt Bissonette).

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