Lethal Aggression

Life Is Hard... Lethal Aggression - Life Is Hard... (Xtreem Music) 2007

Life Is Hard...
1. "Intro" (1:57)
2. "Morbid Reality" (1:33)
3. "Vodda Vodka" (:29)
4. "Outcast" (1:37)
5. "Proud Johnny" (1:29)
6. "I'll Fight" (1:33)
7. "Cuntry Pig" (1:35)
8. "Wasted Time" (1:59)
9. "Kill Death Die" (1:57)
10. "Newscaster Lies" (:53)
11. "Fight In The City" (:58)
12. "What You See" (2:07)
13. "Wild Kingdom" (1:17)
14. "Spooge" (1:13)
15. "War" (1:39)
16. "Sick Jack" (1:08)
17. "Anarcheology" (2:19)
18. "No Scene" (2:04)
19. "F.D.A." (:28)
20. "Drugcore" (2:22)
21. "Quick Pain" (:13)
22. "Tipper Gore Smokes Dope (Outro)" (2:10)
23. "Face The Facts" (1:39)
Circle Pit of Live (Demo 2006)
24. "Circle Pit Of Life" (2:40)
25. "MySpace Slut" (2:49)
26. "Corproganda" (2:40)
Subliminal Erosion (7" EP)
27. "Ripple On Ice" (2:02)
28. "Tomorrow Comes Around" (1:28)
29. "Stuck F**k" (1:21)
30. "Spooge 2" (3:49)
31. "At Last" (2:05)
32. "D'so Shall D'kay" (2:21)
33. "Dyaneticide" (1:34)
34. "Ineluctable" (1:25)
Just Killer Rock and Roll (7" EP)
35. "Dicked Again" (:53)
36. "Godservation" (2:44)
37. "Lies" (1:33)
38. "Hard Day" (1:13)
39. "Regret" (2:00)
40. "End" (:18)
41. "Just Killed R'n'R Part II" (3:57)
1st Show, May 1985
42. "Metallic Rage" (3:23)
43. "Vodda Vodka" (1:26)

Lethal Aggression are a crossover thrash/punk band from New Jersey who date back to the mid-1980's. Growing up in NJ during the 80's and being heavily into the local scene, I thought I would remember something about these guys. However, I guess I completely missed them back then. From the information I could gather on the band, they formed in 1984, released one full-length and a couple vinyl EPs before splitting in 1991. The band is now reformed and working on new material. This compilation features their full length album "Life is Hard..." (1989) as well as their various 7" EPs and some demos. Tracks 24-26 are new songs from a 2006 demo. This CD includes just about everything the band recorded up to this point. The music here is short slaps in the face–fast, furious, punk inspired thrashers. Personally I'd describe most of the music on here as punk inspired metal. Sure there are some thrash inspired parts, but thrash usually brings to mind bands like Metallica, Slayer, and Kreator. Lethal Aggression sound nothing like these bands, rather they have more in common with early D.R.I., Agnostic Front, C.O.C's "Eye for an Eye" or even a bit like S.O.D.'s "Speak English or Die". They play aggressive punk mixed with thrash and hardcore. With most songs falling well under two minutes, and many falling under one minute, it's obvious that Lethal Aggression have more in common with their punk counterparts than anything heavy metal. In the fine tradition of all things punk, Lethal Aggression are all about being as politically incorrect as humanly possible. In their own words they are "socially relevant as well as morally decadent". It's all just part of the insane fun I suppose. Those easily offended will be, well, offended. Shoot, I think that was the point. Check the band's

Check the band's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lethalaggression

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