Mind Over Metal Liar - Set the World on Fire (Bearsville) 1978

1. Set The World On Fire
2. Town Of Evil People
3. I'm Calling
4. Midnight Promises
1. Five Knuckle Shuffle
2. High Life
3. Frustration
4. Who Cares

I had purchased a vinyl picture disc of Judas Priest many years ago and the brittle plastic sleeve it was housed in disintegrated over the years. As such, I was keeping my eyes open for a cheap picture disc in the record stores just so that I could use the plastic sleeve as a replacement. I found Liar's "Set the World In Fire" in the used bins at a record convention for a few bucks and picked it up. I had never actually heard of this band, but since I now owned the record I gave it a spin. What truly peaked my curiosity was that the album was produced by John Alcock, who also produced Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak", "Johnny the Fox" and "Live and Dangerous". To my surprise, Liar "Set the World On Fire" is a very good 1970's hard rock album.

Liar are a hard rock band formed in 1975 and whose sound is born out of the 1970's British hard rock scene. "Set the World on Fire" is the band's second album. The songs are fairly progressive with guitars switching from melodic acoustic guitars to mean 'n' nasty electric guitars within the songs. Some songs, such as "Who Cares" even feature some orchestration. This song in particular reminds me of something E.L.O. might have recorded .The band also cranks out a few straight-forward hard rock songs, such as "Five Knuckle Shuffle" and "I'm Calling" which reminds me of classic Foghat. ("Five Knuckle Shuffle" is a fight song, far from the masturbatory lyrics of Anvil's song of the same title.) Despite the dubious title, "Town of Evil People" is a melodic, mostly melancholy song with some symphonic elements. However, it was the title track that caught my attention on the very first listen. The song sways back and forth from the melodic verses to the hard rocking and ultra-catchy chorus.

Despite the fact that I picked this album up merely to rob it of it's album cover, I discovered a gem of a record that I am now proud to have as part of my collection.

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