German speed metal!

Cetain Death Lightmare - Certain Death (Listen of Don't) 1993

1. "End of Dawn at Noon 32 AD" [instrumental] (1:45)
2. "Despair" (4:15)
3. "Black Mess" (6:49)
4. "Grave" (4:18)
5. "Certain Death" (3:55)
6. "Fade Away" (4:18)
7. "Fearless Soldiers" (5:19)

Lightmare follow in the footsteps of fellow German speed metallers Blind Guardian. My only problem with this album is I just can't get past the vocals. Frank Wegner is a competent vocalist, but is obviously still a bit immature in his style. I bought this disc after buying "The Fool" which is a far superior album both musically and vocally. I found this copy used locally for $5.99.

Vampires Lightmare - Vampires (Independent) 1995

1. "Bachtro" [instrumental] (1:37)
2. "Darkness" (6:44)
3. "Crusader" (4:47)
4. "Vampires" (6:30)

This is an improvement over "Certain Death" adding in a bit more melody and more memorable hooks. New vocalist Timon Schreiber is a better vocalist than Frank Wegner, but still has a ways to go before competing with German metal giants like Udo, Ralph Scheepers, or Hansi Kursch. Still not bad for an independant release with no financial backing at all. This little ep sells for over $10, which is pricey for only four songs, but I found this copy for $4.

Lightmare - The Fool (ATM) 1997

1. "Theme of Rebellion" [instrumental] (1:40)
2. "Rebellion" (4:51)
3. "Terrion" (5:38)
4. "Wasted Lives" (4:09)
5. "Tones" (2:35)
6. "The Fool" (5:41)
7. "Call from Solitude" (5:49)
8. "The One" (2:03)
9. "Take a Stand" (5:35)
10. "My Slowly Dying" (4:50)
11. "Dungeons of Society" (5:30)
12. "Please, Survive!" (4:21)

Now this is a fine German power metal release. "The Fool" is chock full of speedy riffs, double bass, and classy clean vocals by Timon Schreiber. While the album does have it's own unique sound, it also echoes Stratovarious in style and quality. Overall, Lightmare's finest effort.

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