Lithostrotos - Destroyer of Death (independent) 1999

1. "Golgotha" (1:50)
2. "Death is Destroyed" (7:40)
3. "The Day of Doom" (5:19)
4. "Praise the Lord" (5:42)
5. "The Lord Said..."5:48)
6. "Dies Irae" (4:29)
7. "Kyrie Eleison" (4:53)
8. "Words of the Prophecy" (5:39)
9. "Fear?" (5:57)
10. "Mother's Revenge" (6:36)
11. "Lithos Trotos" (2:28)
12. "?" (4:41)

Old school death metal meets thrash metal. Man, if death metal had stayed this musically proficient rather than getting overly concerned with being 'as brutal as possible' I would have remained a follower of the the style. Lithotstrotos, while having the downtuned guitars and death-like vocals, are a bit more accessible than most death bands because their music is not a bunch of blastbeats. For the most part the music is mid-paced, retains a certain groove and even has a sense of melody, something many death metal bands are missing. Lyrically Lithostrotos are a proud Christian band, although they present their ideas in a thought provoking manner rather than the stereotypical 'turn or burn' approach. The unlisted track sounds like a traditional German song revised in a metal format. Anyone know what the name of this song is?

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