An Axe To Grind Love Life - Good Bye Lady Jane (Blonde) 1991

1.      Real Love (2:52)
2.      Do You Love Me (3:37)
3.      Hearts on Fire (4:05)
4.      When Loneliness Comes Knockin' (4:27)
5.      Girl Gone Bad (3:32)
6.      Fill 'er Up (:13)
7.      Goodbye Lady Jane (3:48)
8.      In Blue Again (5:01)
9.      1000 Reasons (4:56)
10.     A Hard Day's Night (2:33)
11.     Do You Believe In Love (3:22)

Love Life were a greasy, grimy heavy metal band in the tradition of the first Skid Row album and bands like Slaughter. The sound here was super catchy, even if the production didn't really give the the edge that they probably had on stage. Vocalist Larry Worley has that slightly raspy voice that works so well with this type of gutter glam rock. The songs are super catchy and will have anyone signing along within the first couple listens, especially rockers like "Real Love" and "Girl Gone Bad".

Love Life would later drop guitarist Darin Eby and change their name to Fear Not, hooking up with the Elefante brothers to record an album with a bigger, heavier edge. Unfortunately for Love Life their record label was mostly know for alternative bands, so Love Life saw very little promotion and the album disappeared nearly as quickly as it was released.

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