Astrology Love on Ice - Nude (Interscope) 1992

1. "Don't Leave Me" (3:18)
2. "Leave Me Alone" (3:02)
3. "Goodbye" (3:21)
4. "Ugly" (2:52)
5. "Bone Dance" (3:33)
6. "Sweet Thing" (2:18)
7. "Foot In The Grave" (4:23)
8. "Gone Away" (4:05)
9. "Country Boy" (2:57)
10. "Backyard" (2:59)
11. "Self In Blue" (4:21)
12. "Can O' Worms " (1:33)

Love on Ice mix heavy metal, hard rock, funk and psychedelia to create a brand of music that would typically have been labeled 'hair metal' in the mid-90's. However, this Portland, Oregon band really have a sound that is not unlike the mixture of influences that Aerosmith has. The overall sound is of the hard rock variety, but the mixture of funk, heavy metal and even good 'ol southern blues spices things up and adds to the appeal. They remind me slightly of a funkier, heavier Damn Yankees. To bad that the trends in hard rock didn't go in this direction, rather than in the crappy grunge direction of the Seattle bands of the early 90's. In any case, "Nude" is a welcome addition to my collection.

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