Luca Turilli & Olaf Hayer

Solo project of Rhapsody guitarist/songwriter Luca Turilli. Turilli's band features several members of Heavens Gate
including Sascha Paeth (guitars) and Robert Hunecke (bass).

Ancient Forest of Elves Luca Turilli-Ancient Forest of Elves (Limb/SPV) 1999

1. "The Ancient Forest of Elves" (4:43)
2. "Warrior's Pride" -Duet Version (3:48)
3. "Knight of Immortal Fire" (5:11)

Hmmm, hard to real say much on the basis of three songs. Really this sounds much like Rhapsody to me, perhaps with a bit more of a neoclassical influence. Track one is a speed metal track similar in style to Blind Guardian with Celtic influenced keys and some fast guitar solos. Track two is a neoclassical ballad that features orchestration and opera vocals. Track three is yet another speed metal song, albeit a bit more straightforward than the first. On the strength of these songs, I will be checking out the full length disc.

King of the Nordic Twilight Luca Turilli-King of the Nordic Twilight (SPV) 1999

1. "To Magic Horizons" (1:21)
2. "Black Dragon" (5:05)
3. "Legend of Steel" (5:21)
4. "Lord of the Winter Snow" (6:05)
5. "Princess Aurora" (3:47)
6. "The Ancient Forest of Elves" (4:43)
7. "Throne of Ice" (1:51)
8. "Where Heroes Lie" (4:24)
9. "Warrior's Pride" (3:47)
10. "Kings of the Nordic Twilight" (11:37)
11. "unlisted track" (2:13)

Grandiose, symphonic, technical speed metal! That is the most accurate description I could come up with for this fantasy based heavy metal platter. Luca Turiili's solo project really isn't that far off from what his band Rhapsody sounds like. The big difference is actually in the vocals which are capably handled by Olaf Hayer. Olaf is melodic and operatic, however, he is not quite as helium ingested as Fabio Lion. However, as with Rhapsody, "King of the Nordic Twilight" incorporated heavy, fast speed metal guitar riffs with melodic, symphonic elements (violins, flutes, pianos, etc.), keyboards and layers of choir-like vocals. There are even some female opera vocals to enhance the musical picture that Luca is trying to convey. As to the story behind the music, Luca explains in the liner notes, "King of the Nordic Twilight" represents the first chapter of the 'Virtual Odysee Trilogy'...three CDs, three worlds, three different locations at the opposite extremes of space and time, three stories so different yet with something in common; a universal love, so powerful that it can fly over the borders of astral dimensions and lead the never-ending fight against the force of cosmic obliteration. Of this and other things I will relate through my music, thus trying to convey to you all the deep emotions I felt writing these songs."

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