Mansfield, Howard, Kaiser

Into the Night Mansfield, Howard, Kaiser - Into the Night (Grrr/R.E.X.) 1995

1. "Million Dollar Feelin'"(5:40)
2. "Lost Ship" (6:08)
3. "Queen of My Heart" (5:54)
4. "Stand By Me" (7:55)
5. "Where Would I Be?" (6:33)
6. "It's Only You" (12:49)
7. "The Mission" (6:06)
8. "If I Leave This World Tomorrow" (8:01)
9. "I Found Out" (13:43)

This disc captures live a blues jam by three Christian veteran rockers-Darrell Mansfield, Glenn Kaiser (Rez) and Larry Howard. Also on hand was Rez guitarist Stu Heiss. The three musician trade off doing vocals, each singing songs from their respective albums. The extended jams, along with the excellent harp playing, sax solos, guitar improvisions, and the live atmosphere make this an excellent disc to kick back and jam to. Although I am but a casual blues fan, I think this is an outstanding disc. "Stand By Me" is a cover of the blues standard by Ben E. King.

On tape:
Kaiser/Mansfield-Trimmed and Burnin' (Ocean) 1990

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