Giuffria Marillion - Misplaced Childhood (Capitol) 1985

1.   Pseudo Silk Kimono (2:13)
2.   Kayleigh (4:03)
3.   Lavender (2:27)
4.   Bitter Suite (5:53)
5.   Heart Of Lothian (6:02)
6.   Waterhole (Expresso Bongo) (2:12)
7.   Lords Of The Backstage (1:52)
8.   Blind Curve (9:29)
9.   Childhood End? (4:32)
10. White Feather (2:23)

Marillion are a British progressive rock band who took their name from Tolkien's "The Silmarillion" and are know as being one of the bands who started the "New Wave of Progressive Rock". "Misplaced Childhood" was their third full length album and is definitely their most popular. The sound is often compared to Genesis, especially with Fish' vocals that have a distinct similarity to Peter Gabriel. However, to say that the music in "Misplaced Childhood" is a carbon copy of Genesis would be completely inaccurate. There are also influences from Pink Floyd and Yes as well. 

In typical prog-rock fashion, "Misplaced Childhood" is a concept album meant to be listened to from beginning to end. The record consisted of two continuous pieces of music on the two sides of the vinyl. The theme seems to be that of longing for lost childhood with some very emotional accounts of lost love, lonliness, man mistreating manking, substance abuse, etc. However, the storyline is no where near as important as the music. Concept albums can be long, drawn-out and boring with the storyline becoming the focus of the record. That's is not the case here at all. This is a 70s-style prog rock opus with each song as good as the next. The band shows their musical prowess and technical abilities as musicians, but they don't neglect writing memorable songs. The album did generate a few singles, Kayleigh" and "Lavender" but neither are obvious attempts at commercialism or pop rock. The album has a lush production that lends itself well to the band's progressive sound, which is probably part of the reason for the album's success and it's immediate like-ability. 

I have this album on both vinyl and CD. Though I love CDs, this album was meant to be listened to on the 12" format. It sounds fantastic and was purposely split into two sides. EMI/Sanctuary re-released a remastered CD version of the album, featuring a bonus disc of oddities including live fave "Freaks," the previously unreleased "Blue Angel," alternate takes of "Kayleigh" and "Heart of Lothian," and Misplaced Childhood's actual demos. I like this album so much, I may have to add this 2-CD version to my collection. 

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