Mark Wood

Voodoo Violence Mark Wood - Voodoo Violence (Guitar Recordings) 1991

1. Monkey Bats" (3:51)
2. I Want to Take You Higher/Stand" (3:47)
3. Voodoo Violince" (5:05)
4. Right-Engl-Boogie" (3:26)
5. Howling" (3:14)
6. Kobiyashi Mahru" (2:05)
7. Sledgehammer Hop" (4:42)
8. Slip'n Anna Slid'n" (3:27)
9. Roadwork" (5:07)
10. Passion Principle" (4:44)

This is an interesting concept. I actually remember reading about Mark Wood some years ago, but hadn't actually heard anything by him until this CD showed up in my mailbox. Apparently violinist Mark Wood deemed himself the world's only "metal violinist". Mark is a classically-trained musician and tears through ten tracks of instrumental rock that would rival the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. The difference is, there are no guitars on this album whatsoever. All the songs are composed of bass, drums, various percussive instruments and Mark's assortment of metalized, electric violins (including a six and nine-string double-neck called the Violator, and a Flying V). That might sound like an odd concept that would not appeal to a metalhead, and indeed this CD might not appeal to the average metal fan. However, those with a slightly more open mind about music might still enjoy this. The only part of the CD I didn't really care for was the little rap section on "Slip'n Anna Slid'n". According to the liner notes, of which each song has a few thoughts from Mark, "Slip'n Anna Slid'n" is a mix of styles "like 1940's swing, jazz and hip hop." Favorites tracks is album opener "Monkeybats" and "Roadwork", which was named after the classic Edgar Winter album. (Thanks Shiney)

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