Power metal band formed in 1988 in Birmingham, England. Their first self titled cd was released in 1990. Since that time the band has released "Power Crazy" (1991), Powergame (1993), Law in the Raw (1996), Metal Detector (1997), and Warning From History (1999).

The First Defiance Marshall Law - Learning from History (Neat/Pony Canyon) 1999

1. "Foregathering" [instrumental] (2:22)
2. "Victory At Last" (4:54)
3. "Locked And Loaded" (5:38)
4. "Remembered Forever" (6:00)
5. "Harbinger (Of Doom)" (5:48)
6. "Blood On Blood" (4:37)
7. "Crucified" (3:36)
8. "March Of History" (6:59)
9. "Pray For Deliverance" (5:15)
10. "God King" (6:09)
11. "Retreat" (6:43)
12. "Searching for Paradise" (4:42)
13. "Powergame" (4:32)

I bought this cd from a friend who was clearing out his cd collection and was pleasantly surprised by the sounds that came out of my speakers. Marshall Law is yet another hidden gem of the speed metal/heavy metal genre. Their style is reminiscent of Running Wild, Gamma Ray or even "Painkiller"-era Priest, yet not really a carbon copy of any of them. They also have a big NWOBHM influence that is quite appealing to me. "Warning From History" is incrusted with fast down-picked metal riffs, melodic vocals, and furious guitar solo. Hmmm, sounds like REAL heavy metal to me. Will have to investigate the band's back catalogue now.

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