Voyages Massacre - Tyrants Of Death (Iron Pegasus) 2006

1. "Chamber Of Ages" (4:26)
2. "Clangor Of War" (2:31)
3. "From Beyond" (4:57)
4. "Symbolic Immortality" (3:32)
5. "Cryptic Realm" [instrumental] (4:11)
6. "Aggressive Tyrant" (4:15)
7. "Death In Hell" (2:55)
8. "Mutilated" (3:30)
9. "Infestation Of Death" (3:01)
10. "Clangor Of War" (2:44)
11. "Aggressive Tyrant" (5:07)
12. "Cryptic Realm" (4:35)
13. "Perpetual Domination" (3:58)
14. "The Traitor" (5:04)
15. "Corpse Grinder" (5:15)

Massacre were one of the early death metal bands on the scene and featured ex-Death guitarist Rick Roz and drummer Kam Lee in the early 1980's. This CD is a collection of the band's early demo tapes. The band sound like a combination of Slayer, Venom and, of course, early Death. This collection is an interesting look into the early death metal scene and a collector's disc for the Death or Massacre completist, but the recording quality is rather raw and not something I would imagine most people would spend much time listening to. Unfortunately the recording goes from bad to worse. The first few songs are listenable, but as the songs go back in descending order, the production gets progressively worst. It did bring back memories of metal days gone by for sure. In the 80's it wasn't about how well the music was recorded, it was about speed, aggression and attitude, all of which is displayed here. Here's the breakdown, songs 1-4: Demo 2 ("Chamber Of Ages" demo), song 5: unreleased instrumental version of "Cryptic Realm", songs 6-8: Demo 1 ("Aggressive Tyrant" demo), songs 9-14: live 25/5/1986 Rock City, Tampa, and song 15: is a live, bonus track. The CD includes a booklet crammed with photos as well as interviews with bassist Michael Borders and vocalist Kam Lee.

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