A Million Vacations Max Webster - A Million Vacations (Anthem) 1979

1.   Paradise Skies (3:15)
2.   Charmonium (4:15)
3.   Night Flights (3:02)
4.   Sun Voices (4:50)
5.   Moon Voices (3:05)
6.   A Million Vacations (3:10)
7.   Look Out (4:53)
8.   Let Go The Line (3:25)
9.   Rascal Houdi (3:28)
10. Research (At Beach Resort) (4:45)

Max Webser's fourth album is the album I would consider their most "progressive", ie. prog-rock. Their sound here reminds me slightly of Be Bop Deluxe mixed with the oddities of Frank Zappa. In other words they still retain some of the gonzo-heavy rock of old but they mix in lush progressive tendencies, a charming quirkiness and pop accessibility.

While the band is generally thought of as the Kim Mitchell show, that is not exactly true. The sound here is an equal mixture of the lush keyboards of Terry Watkinson, as well as the rhythm section of Dave Myles (bass) and Garry McCracken (drums). A perfect example would be the stellar organ work in the second track "Charmonium". The center piece of the album "Sun Voices" and "Moon Voices" have a Yes-like tendency with a boogie-infused rhythm section. "Let Go The Line" is a mellower number that could have been recorded by Saga or perhaps Toto. The title track is a classic rock staple in the band's native Canada.

"A Million Vacations" is a stellar album that fans of progressive rock should enjoy. It's unfortunate that the band isn't more well known around the world.

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