MD.45 was Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Lee Ving's (Fear) side-project. To get the strange name that the project went by, Mustaine and Ving each reversed their intitial's to form one part of the band name. (Dave Mustaine's reversed are MD and Lee Ving's are VL which is 45 in Roman numerals giving us the name MD.45.)

Accept MD.45 - The Craving (EMI) 1996

1. "Hell's Motel" (4:41)
2. "Day the Music Died" (4:38)
3. "FIght Hate" (2:51)
4. "Designer Behavior" (3:30)
5. "The Creed" (4:58)
6. "My Town" (3:11)
7. "Voices" (3:36)
8. "Nothing Is Something" (3:57)
9. "Hearts Will Bleed" (3:11)
10. "No Pain" (2:50)
11. "Road Man" (2:57)

Taking a look at the list of musicians, you might get a false idea what this project sounds like. MD.45 features Fears vocalist Lee Ving, Bassist Kelly Lemieux from Shrine, Suicidal Tendencies/Megadeth drummer Jimmy Degrasso and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth fame. However, "The Craving" sounds nothing like any of those bands. The music is a mixture of heavy metal and punk, with touches of those Megadeth riffs. The vocals, however, threw me for a loop for a while. As of writing this I am still unsure what I think of the vocals. At times they almost seem like they don't fit the music, while at other times they are very cool and very unique. I suppose they are an aquired taste. I read a few bad reviews on this disc that try to compare this disc to Megadeth. The music is not suppose to sound like Megadeth, otherwise Dave would have just used this material for his main band. This is why he chose to do it as a side-project. With the comparisons aside, "The Craving" is an enjoyable disc, although not a great disc.

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