Meanstreak - Roadkill (Music for Nations) 1988

1. Roadkill (2:51)
2. Searching Forever (3:05)
3. Snake Pit (4:09)
4. Nostradamus (4:22)
5. It Seems To Me (5:05)
6. Lost Stranger (2:40)
7. The Warning (3:03)
8. The Congregation (7:01)

As chauvinistic as it may be, when I think of all-female metal bands I tend to think light-weight and poppy. (Vixen comes to mind immediately.) However, there are always the exceptions such as England's Girlschool and U.S. heavy metal band Meanstreak. This band of females definitely defy the odds and has released an album that is mean, nasty and heavy. This is not lightweight pop metal. 

"Roadkill" is a collection of heavy metal songs. Though the band is usually described as thrash, I would tend to disagree with that tag. Rather, Meanstreak have more in common with Metal Church, Reverend, Flotsam & Jetsam and the like. I'd call it US Power Metal, which straddled the fence between traditional heavy metal (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saint, etc.) and U.S. thrash (Metallica, Megadeth, Overkill, etc.) The thrash tag may be due to the fact that Alex Perialas, known for his work with Testament, Anthrax, Overkill, etc, is also the producer here. However, only the first and last songs could even remotely be considered thrash. Both songs are fast paced metal romps with crunchy riffs, not unlike early Metal Church. The rest of the album is mid-paced heavy metal with many NWOBHM influences. Specifically, I'd be will to bet that these gals are big Iron Maiden fans as I hear bits and pieces of Maiden's influence in the music, especially in songs like "Nostradamus" and "Searching Forever". The vocal performance is equally entertaining. Vocalist Bettina France walks a line between a nasty snarl and the clean singing voice. All-in-all, Meanstreak were lean and mean, no-frills heavy metal. The fact that the band was made up of all females really doesn't even matter. It's just metal, and very good metal at that!

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