Mike Naeyert
(aka Mike Lee)
Former Barren Cross vocalist.

Frogrooves Mike Naeyert - Frogrooves (independent) 2001

1. "You're My Dance" (4:14)
2. "Andre's Song" (4:50)
3. "I Can't Belong to You Anymore" (4:44)
4. "The Unsuspecting" (4:19)
5. "Flew Away" (3:19)
6. "My Name Is Bob Frances. I'm A Truck Driver" (3:05)

An acoustic CD from Mike Lee, former vocalist for Barren Cross, using his given last name to pay honor to his father. Track #2, "Andre's Song" was composed for his father. The disc also includes one Barren Cross song "The Unsuspecting" but otherwise, this sounds nothing like Mike's former band. The only exception to this cd is the last track which is a bizzare tale set to bizarre alternative music.

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