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Getting Heavier Mob Rules - Savage Land (Inside Out Music) 1999

1. "Prologue" (:26)
2. "Insurgeria" (3:40)
3. "Rain Song" (4:12)
4. "Hold Back The Light" (6:05)
5. "Secret Signs" (3:35)
6. "Savage Land Pt I (Strangers In Time)" (3:09)
7. "Savage Land Pt II (Pianista)" (1:23)
8. "Savage Land Pt III (No Reason Why)" (4:53)
9. "Coast To Coast" (5:34)
10. "Blaze Of First Warning" (3:12)
11. "Pray For Sunlight" (5:09)
12. "Down In Nowhere Land" (3:51)
13. "End Of All Days" (8:38)

I had heard of this band long before I got to actually hear them. Their name, to me, connotes something much heavier than what I actually heard when I finally did get the chance to hear them. Probably due to the connections to the Black Sabbath album of the same name, I just expected something a bit darker and heavier. Because of that I didn't pay much attention to this band until I received a copy of "Savage Land" in the mail to review. As it turns out, Mob Rules is a VERY competent power metal band. It's a shame that my initial introduction to this band was marred by my preconceptions. Mob Rules is modern power metal, heavy on melody and packed full of meaty guitar riffs. The twin guitar blitz of Oliver Fuhlhage and Matthias Mineur delivers in every way, from dual leads, to infectious rhythms. To be honest, however, Mob Rules are not breaking any new ground here. I don't really think this was ever the point though. Rather, Mob Rules seem to focus on creating the best songs they can in the genre that they love, heavy metal. Any fan of true heavy metal will not be able to deny the hooks in songs like the mid-paced metal romp "Rain Song" or the speedy album opener "Insurgeria" or "Secret Signs", which starts of with this cool celtic sounding part before bursting into something that reminds me of Stratovarius. "Savage Land" isn't mind blowing, but it is enjoyable and a solid album that should appeal to fans of heavy metal and power metal.

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