Monster Monster - Through the Eyes of the World (Pulse Records) 1997

1. "Spirit of the Night" (5:34)
2. "Fire in Your Eyes" (4:19)
3. "All Guns Loaded" (3:58)
4. "One Night" (4:03)
5. "Say You Care" (3:56)
6. "South Side Billy" (4:19)
7. "All She Wants" (4:06)
8. "Get Over it" (4:15)
9. "Don't Get Your Heart Set" (4:47)
10. "Over Now" (3:38)
11. "She's Got It" (4:08)
12. "Fire in Your Eyes" [video clip]

Listening to this, it's hard to believe this was released in 1997, when it sounds like it could have been released in 1981. Monster are a straight forward, melodic metal band consisting of two former members of Malice and one from Black & Blue. The disc was also produced by veteran knob turner Max Norman, known for his work with Megadeth, Y&T and Dirty Looks. There are lots of flashy guitar leads from Mick Zane, along with some decent, clean vocals from Mark Isom. My only real complaint about this CD is that it lacks it's own charm and sounds rather ordinary. The musicianship is certainly there, but the songs just don't jump out at me. If I had to make a comparison, I'd say that Monster sound a bit like Badlands, although the don't possess the same charisma that Badlands had.

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