Solinari Morgion - Solinari (Relapse)

1. "The Serpantine Scrolls" (10:33)
2. "Descend to Arawn" (6:42)
3. "Canticle" [instrumental] (2:27)
4. "Solinari" (11:05)
5. "Nightfall Infernal" (6:05)
6. "All the Glory...All the Loss" (6:21)
7. "Blight" (4:46)
8. "...The Last Surprise" [instrumental] (4:48)

Discovered these guys after hearing their contribution to the Iron Maiden tribute "Up the Irons." I must admit, I wasn't much into their cover "To Tame a Land" but it was interesting enough that I knew I would like their original material. I was right. I'm not even sure how to describe it, but their brand of epic, progressive, gothic, doom metal music creates a certain mood. (Did I use enough adjectives?) It's sort of like Saint Vitus meets Fates Warning. Closest comparison might be Paramaecium.

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