Mortal Remains

Poetic Justice Mortal Remains - Full Speed Ahead (independent) 2004

1. "F.19S." (:19)
2. "Liar" (2:45)
3. "Adrenalized" (3:26)
4. "Warhead" (3:25)
5. "Follow Me" (3:15)
6. "Addiction" (3:25)
7. "Choice" (3:21)
8. "In the Line of Fire" (2:03)

Mortal Remains are a German thrash metal band. This, their self-produced debut EP, is chock full of angry, testosterone fueled aggression. The band incorporates some elements of early death metal as well, but manages to retain quite a bit of melody. This band really hails back to the noisy German thrash of early Sodom and Destruction. The vocals are bizarre. Vocalist/guitarist Matthias Meier has a gravely, almost growly style, yet it's a bit more high pitched than most death metal singers yet not quite as shrieky as the average black metal vocalist. I quite like it actually. Unfortunately I believe this is the only album that Meier is on. Being that this is a self-financed, self-produced release, the production is actually quite good. All instruments are heard clearly, the guitars are crunchy and the bass gives the album a heavy bottom end. Despite having eight tracks, "Full Speed Ahead" clocks in at just over twenty minutes long, making this the equivalent of an EP. However, if Slayer and Van Halen can get away with releasing full length albums that are this long, why not Mortal Remains? Perhaps a short listen, but a good listen nonetheless. "Full Speed Ahead" is aggressive, gritty, street-level thrash metal.

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