Oscar Dronjak
Hammerfall (1999)

Mortification (1999)

Luke Easter
Tourniquet (1997)

Ace Frehley
KISS (1978)


METAL! The ultimate music-bar none!. Metal has been around for years in different forms and continues to terrorize the ears of the world today, despite rumors about it's demise. This page is dedicated to my favorite form of music and to the bands that I like most.

Metal has a broad spectrum of styles and has been in existance probably since the late 60's early 70's. From glam to death metal, from the hard rockers of the 70's to the thrashers of the 90's, from the clubs to the largest concert halls, the variety is tremendous. One of the greatest things about metal is that it is more than just music to those who identify with it, being a metalhead is a way of life. Music is simply an extension of the personality, the mind, the heart, and the soul. What better way to express one's beliefs, ideas, and personality than with the very best music form-METAL! One other great aspect of metal is the unity among the metalheads! We are united in keeping our extreme artform alive! Keep it up! Metal shall prevail!

Enjoy my page, it will be under heavy construction for a while, but please enjoy what you can. I would love to get some feedback; bands you like, bands you hate, maybe some bands you never heard of that are on this page that you would like to know more of, or just what you thought of the page.. Check out my links section. it's full of the bands that refuse to sell out to insipid trends.

God Bless & Stay Extremely Heavy!

PS. SKA, EMO, and anyting labeled ALTERNATIVE, SUCKS!
If this is your bag, then this page is not for you!

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