Feinstein Old Wolf
Old Wolf are a heavy metal band from Somerset, Kentucky, USA.

Third Wish Old Wolf (independent) 2015

1. Old Wolf (4:13)
2. Trail of Tears (4:44)
3. Your Keeper (6:29)

Old Wolf are a heavy metal band from the heavy metal metropolis of the U.S. Somerset, Kentucky. Of course, Kentucky is not necessarily known for it's heavy metal exports, but if Old Wolf is an example of what they have to offer, then they have much. This three song demo offers just under fifteen minutes of non-stop fist-pumpin, head-banging mania. Each song is as good as the next with the last track "Your Keeper" leaving the listener wanting for me. The album is chock full of dual guitars, old-school riffing, and solid, memorable hooks. Old Wolf have obviously spent a lot of time studying in the school of NWOBHM song writing and are heavily inspired by the likes of Angel Witch, Diamond Head and early Iron Maiden. Vocalist Ric Langford has a smooth but aggressive singing voice that suits the music perfectly. Old Wolf fits in perfectly with the growing New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal movement and bands like Enforcer, Striker and Ambush. Here is hoping that these guys will find success in the future and release much more material like this demo CD. I am anxious to hear more.

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