Discerning Forces Opprobrium - Discerning Forces (Nuclear Blast) 2000

1.. "Digitrap" (4:25)
2.. "Discerning Forces" (2:16)
3.. "Ancient Rebellion" (3:48)
4.. "Dark Entanglement" (4:15)
5.. "Drowning" (3:04)
6.. "Escapism" (2:59)
7.. "Merciless Torture" (3:37)
8.. "Moments Of Despair" (3:57)
9.. "Blood Conflict" (3:01)
10.. "Awakening To The Filth" (4:48)

The Howard brothers wanted to resurrect Incubus in 1997, but another band apparently bought the copyright to the name, so they changed it Opprobrium. Opprobrium play death metal with heavy thrash metal influence. On top of stellar songwriting and hook laden music, the production is excellent. The lyrics are also quite interesting touching on spiritual issues, including a song about the doctrine of the rapture, which Opprobrium believe is a false doctrine. A sweet find for a mere $5.

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