Ordained Fate made some noise in the early 90's because they were an (almost) all female thrash band. (Their drummer is a guy).

Ordained Fate (Wonderland) 1992

1. "Let's Make a Deal" (4:33)
2. "Gethsemane" (6:13)
3. "Holy Wars" (4:45)
4. "Wonderful Love" (4:15)
5. "Gold Cross" (4:33)
6. "Tame the Tongue" (5:23)
7. "The Election" (3:53)
8. "One of the Insane" (5:19)
9. "No Death" (4:26)

This band was quite a surprise to me. I'm not real fond of most female lead metal bands as they tend to be weak or overtly commercial. Ordained Fate are definitely an exception as they are quite aggressive. Musically they are thrash metal, but there is some variety going into classic metal (a la Iron Maiden) and some progressive elements as well. Great lyrics to boot. I bought this disc as a new release, it's now out of print.

Glimmer of Hope Ordained Fate - Glimmer of Hope (P.A.C.) 1995

1. "That's Entertainment" (5:18)
2. "Parade of Pain" (6:41)
3. "So Many Hours" (4:56)
4. "He's Alive" (2:47)
5. "Gate of Faith" (5:23)
6. "Francis" (5:07)
7. "Monkey on my Back" (3:32)
8. "Divine Abandonment" (4:26)
9. "Santa's Little Helper" (3:20)
10. "Throne of the Beast" (4:48)

This album continues in the same vein as the first album; progressive thrash metal with some melodic parts and some full on thrash parts. Still find it weird hearing female vocals over music of such a heavy nature, but somehow it works for Ordained Fate. Some choice cuts: "That's Entertainment," "Parade of Pain" and the anti-materialism song "Santa's Little Helper".

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