The Organization
The Organization is basically Death Angel, minus lead vocalist Mark Osegueda.

The Organization (Metal Blade) 1993

1."Free Burning" (4:44)
2."Policy" (5:50)
3."Lift" (3:45)
4."Bringer" (4:46)
5."Brainstorm" (5:30)
6."Bottom Dog" (4:52)
7."Wonder" (5:07)
8."Withdrawal" (5:20)
9."The Past" (5:26)
10."Been Nice" (5:36)

This band basically sounds like a toned-down Death Angel. The Organization is more melodic and more modern sounding than anything Death Angel did. Lead guitarist Rob Cavestany takes over lead vocals for departing Mark Osegueda, who apparently left to spend more time with his new wife. Unfortunately this makes this album a bit less interesting. It's not that Rob is a bad singer, he's just not what I was expecting or hoping for. Still this isn't even close to being bad album, just not exactly what I was hoping for when compared to Death Angel's last masterpiece "Act III."

Savor the Flavor The Organization - Savor the Flavor (Metal Blade) 1995

1. "Savor the Flavor" (2:37)
2. "So Full of Lies" (4:31)
3. "Doomsday Eve" (3:37)
4. "A Way Today" (3:50)
5. "Had A Long Today" (4:18)
6. "The Chase" (3:17)
7. "War 25" (4:05)
8. "Begin A Life" (2:35)
9. "The Drought" (2:13)
10. "Insomnia" (3:05)
11. "Stupid Mood" (2:59)
12. "By the Time" (9:41)

The Organization move away from the Death Angel sound even more and get a bit more modern (i,e. "The Drought" sounds like a neo-punk song). I guess someone thought this would be a good move. I personally like any Death Angel disc better, although this disc isn't terrible. It just doesn't have the same energy, aggression and hooks as "Act III" or "Frolic." I suppose if I could disconnect The Organization from tech-thrashing Death Angel, I would like them better, but since this is the same band under a new moniker, comparisons are inevitable.

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