OSI OSI - Office of Strategic Influence (InsideOut Music) 2003

1. "The New Math (What He Said)" (3:36)
2. "OSI" (3:48)
3. "When You're Ready" (3:09)
4. "Horseshoes and B-52's" (4:18)
5. "Head" (5:19)
6. "Hello, Helicopter!" (3:44)
7. "ShutDOWN " (10:24)
8. "Dirt From a Holy Place" (5:10)
9. "Memory Daydreams Lapses" (5:56)
10. "Standby (Looks Like Rain)" (2:09)

A progressive rock supergroup made up of Kevin Moore - Keyboards, Vocals (Chroma Key, ex-Dream Theater), Jim Matheos - Guitars (Fates Warning, John Arch), Sean Malone - Bass, Chapman Stick (Cynic, Gordian Knot, Aghora) and Mike Portnoy - Drums, Percussion (Dream Theater, John Arch, Liquid Tension Experiment, among others). As trite as it may sound, this CD does sound like a combination of Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Of course with Matheos behind much of the writing and guitar playing, this CD leans a bit closer to the Fates Warning sound. However, that is not to say that this CD isn't unique. The keyboard effects throughout give the music an almost Pink Floyd-like quality that I quite enjoyed. "shutDOWN" in particular really has that Pink Floyd vibe going on. The music is often atmospheric/ambient and somewhat industrial. Overall a melancholy and moody progressive rock disc, albeit one that is quite enjoyable.

I have the single disc version of this but the limited edition double disc had three songs not on my version including a Pink Floyd cover "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" (8:50), as well as "New Mama" (2:24) and "The thing that never was" (17:20).

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