Paul Stanley

Live To Win Paul Stanley - Live to Win (New Door Records) 2006

1. "Live To Win" (3:08)
2. "Lift" (4:04)
3. "Wake Up Screaming" (2:59)
4. "Everytime I See You Around" (3:28)
5. "Bulletproof" (3:01)
6. "All About You" (3:16)
7. "Second To None" (3:35)
8. "It's Not Me" (3:19)
9. "Loving You Without You" (3:16)
10. "Where Angels Dare" (3:22)

"Live to Win" is Paul Stanley's first solo album since his 1978 album that was released alongside solo albums from the other three lucky Kiss dudes! "Live to Win" is self-produced by Stanley, who provides lead vocals, guitar and some percussion. Also performing on the album as a guest is former Kiss bandmate Bruce Kulick. On "Live to Win" Stanley ditches the fist-pumping anthems and heavy metal of Kiss for a modern, pop-rock approach. In other words, this is a solo album in the truest sense. Stanley isn't trying to release a Kiss record under his own name. However, 'Bulletproof' does has the distinction of sounding the most Kiss-like and as might be expected, there are plenty of power-ballads, "Second to None," "Loving You...", and "Everytime I See You Around." Stanley's voice is very distinctive, so there is not getting away from some comparisons to his main band, but the music here is miles away from what you would expect from Kiss. Many of the songs here are co-written by Desmond Child, which is most certainly the reason this CD has such a pop flavor to it. Paul has a distinct and unique style, but so does Desmond. Both those styles are present here. Paul's vocals are as good & strong as ever, and this modern rock approach seems to work well form him.

One Live KISS Paul Stanley ­ One Live KISS (Universal/New Door) 2008

1. Live To Win (3:13)
2. Hide Your Heart (4:55)
3. A Million To One 4:21)
4. Got To Choose (4:22)
5. Move On (3:43)
6. Bulletproof (3:04)
7. Tonight You Belong To Me (8:37)
8. Lick It Up (6:15)
9. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me? (4:36)
10. Magic Touch (5:20)
11. I Still Love You (8:13)
12. Strutter (4:50)
13. Everytime I See You Around (3:38)
14. Do You Love Me (4:15)
15. I Want You (9:13)
16. Love Gun (5:15)
17. Lift (4:00)
18. Detroit Rock City (5:01)
19. Goodbye (5:26)

Released on DVD and digital MP3 format only, Paul Stanley¹s live release celebrates his songs with Kiss and as a solo artist. This show was recorded at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL, on November 6, 2006 during Paul's "Live To Win" Tour. Paul was always the biggest driving force behind Kiss, especially in the 80¹s when Gene Simmons was off busy being starry eyed. As such, this recording is your basic KISS concert without all the fireworks, make-up and bigger than life stage show. However, because Paul is doing his things solo, we are given a lot of songs not usually heard at a Kiss show. There are four songs from "Live to Win", which was the album he was promoting. There are four songs from the the '78 solo album. These tracks are the highlight for me as I have always felt that Paul¹s 1978 solo album was vastly underrated and overshadowed by Ace¹s equally great solo album. There is also four Kiss rarities that the band rarely, if ever, perform including "Hide Your Heart", "A Million To One", "Magic Touch", and "I Still Love You". Out of the eighteen songs performed, twelve are songs that are basically newcomers to a live recording. Of course Paul also has to pull out the standards such as "Lick It Up", "Detroit Rock City" and "Love Gun". However, the entire set is full of energy. You can just tell the band and Paul are enjoying themselves on stage. My only complaint is that I wish this show would have been officially released on CD as I much prefer listening to music than watching it.

Paul Stanley
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