Electrified Pink Cream 69 - Electrified (Digital Dimensions) 1998

1.   "Shame" (4:45)
2.   "Stranger In Time" (5:45)
3.   "Break the Silence" (3:52)
4.   "Electrified" (3:28)
5.   "Over the Fire" (4:24)
6.   "Losing My Faith" (5:02)
7.   "Higher Kind Of Love" (3:50)
8.   "Burn Your Soul" (3:34)
9.   "Rocket Ride" (4:52)
10. "Best for You" (3:43)
11. "Gone Again" (4:31)

This is really good commercial, melodic metal! I had heard of this band but their name always struck me as kind of stupid. One day I recieved a package from a band called PC69 and I didn't connect the two for quite some time. I finally snapped and realized that the band changed their name for the American release. Probably a smart move, but even with the name change, this type of metal is so unpopular in American that it will never sell. Too bad, though, as this is a really good album with some great hooks and powerful clean vocals. Probably would have done great in the late 80's but in 1999...well, I like it anyhow.

Endangered Pink Cream 69 - Endangered (Massacre Record) 2001

1. "Intro" (1:06
2. "Shout!" (3:51)
3. "Promised Land" (5:10)
4. "Trust the Wiseman" (4:12)
5. "Don't Need Your Touch" (4:26)
6. "He Took the World" (5:37)
7. "Enslaved" (4:11)
8. "In My Dreams" (3:41)
9. "High as a Mountain" (4:10)
10. "Shadows of Time" (4:24)
11. "Pinball Wizard" (3:28)
12. "One Time is Not Enough" (4:34)

This band has always put me off for some reason, probably due to their lame band name. However, this is the second CD I have heard from them and it is actually much better than you might expect from a band with such a lame name. "Endangered" is classy, melodic, hard rock with hooky, pop choruses, and simplistic, AOR songwriting. I'd compare to more recent Pretty Maids releases. At times, "Endangered" even has some heavy metal qualities not unlike Edguy or more recent Helloween. The mix and mastering are all high quality as well. Crank this one up and surround yourself with a burst of energetic, heavy melodies. "Pinball Wizard" is a cover of the classic The Who song. "One Time Is Not Enough" is an unlisted track.

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