P.K. Mitchell

Al Hail the Power P.K. Mitchell - All Hail The Power (Rugged) 1994

1. "Amazing Grace" (4:36)
2. "Nothing But the Blood" (4:27)
3. "Trust and Obey" (3:59)
4. "Oh How I Love Jesus" (3:58)
5. "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" (4:50)
6. "Take My Life" (4:39)
7. "Onward Christian Soldier" (4:36)
8. "All Hail the Power" (3:57)
9. "Jesus Paid It All" (4:18)
10. " God Be With You (Til We Meet Again)" (4:08)

Former Neon Cross guitarist P.K. Mitchell was a name I thought I would hear more of after this stellar hymns project release. The charismatic guitarist solo project took old hymns and put them to some outrageous heavy groove and funk metal. The disc features ex-Vengeance Rising/ Die Happy drummer Glen Manacruso, former Barren Cross bassist Jim LaVerde and former Die Happy/Joshua vocalist Robin Kyle Bassari as well as some other studio musicians and vocalist. P.K.'s version of "Nothing But the Blood" is OTT! Outstanding. Unfortunately, besides one original song on the Rugged "Premium Cuts" compilation, nothing much has been heard of this guy since this project.

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