Post Mortem

Destined to Failure Post Mortem - Destined for Failure (Red Light) 1993

1. Loose Stool (2:05)
2. Pickle Bucket (3:15) 
3. I Like Pinball & Pool, I Work in an Arcade During the Summer (2:45) 
4. Pigeon Boy Waiting (4:42) 
5. Dazzle Me with Your Knowledge of the Fine Arts (4:17) 
6. The Skills (5:59) 
7. Father Knows Less (2:07) 
8. Winner's Circle (4:33) 
9. Last Day at the Arboretum (6:00)

Despite having formed in 1982 and having released a ton of cassette demos, "Destined for Failure", which was released over a decade after they formed is only the third full length album from Post Mortem. 

There was a day back in the early 80's when "thrash" was a term used to describe bands who incorporated a bit of heavy metal into a punk/hardcore sound. Bands like Metallica and Anthrax were called "speed metal". Of course the definition was refined and those bands are generally known as thrash metal these days, and bands like Post Mortem are more accurately described as "crossover". Rather than tight, machine gun riffing and fast double bass, this album is packed with noisy, chaotic punk with a heavy metal sheen. There are even hints of funk, doom and early death metal in spots. Basically, Post Mortem are all over the musical map, but that is part of their "we don't give a crap" attitude, which in turn gives them their punk edge. 

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