Blue Tears Prowler – After You (Slaney) 2013

1. The Dead Rise Again (4:12)
2. Friday The 13th (4:42)
3. Say Hello To The Nite (4:40)
4. Whats Your Pleasure (4:50)
5. The Stalker (4:11)
6. Knives For Fingers (6:02)
7. Haddonfield (5:14)
8. The Tall Man (4:03)
9. Book Of The Dead (5:38)

Zombies, psycho killers, Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and crunchy thrash metal riffs. These are the ingredients that make up Prowler's "After You" CD. Prowler are a neo-thrash metal band from South Carolina, USA and were formed in 2010. "After You" is the band's first full length album and culls songs from their past EPs.

he album is chock full of crunchy, mid-paced riffs that are a nice mix of heavy groove and speed metal. I know having "groove" in the description will scare most thrash metal purists, but the best thrash bands always had a sense of groove to them. With Prowler, think along the lines of "Toxic Waltz" or "Practice What You Preach". Each song on "After You" represents a different slasher/horror movie. Many of them are fairly obvious from the song titles, others are brought more to life with the lyrics themselves. There are movie clips brought into the songs as well, which is pretty fun. On "Friday the 13th", the band cleverly mixes in the "cha cha cha ha ha ha" sound from the movie into the hook of the song. Very cool. Songs like "The Dead Rise Again", "Haddonfield" and especially "What's Your Pleasure" should have any self-respecting metalhead moshing around the room or at the very least, banging his head. The riffs and songs are immediately infectious.

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