Good & Evil Python - Good & Evil (independent) 2004

1. "Good & Evil" (3:29)
2. "Complex Mind" (3:22)
3. "The Unholy" (5:25)
4. "Fallen Angel" (4:31)
5. "Crucifixion" (4:35)
6. "Cursed" (5:46)

I stumbled on this band while I was up, unable to sleep on night, scanning thoough I checked out their sound samples and was impressed by their old school thrash metal sound. Digging a bit deeper, I discovered that their influences were some of my favorite bands, including Iced Earth, Testament, Judas Priest, Annihilator, etc. Actually, this description isn't that far off from the style of music that Python play, although I might throw in a bit of a Slayer influence as well. Being a fairly new, independent band, I expected the production to be thin. I was actually surprised that the overall mix was pretty good, and all the instruments are clearly heard. However, they don't have that "big" sound that many modern thrash and power metal bands are getting and the mastering is a bit low as well. This minor complaint aside, I am more than happy to stumble on yet another quality thrash metal band. Python offer loads of speedy riffs, plenty of tempo and rhythm changes, aggressive vocals, double bass, and everything else you'd want to hear in a thrash band. One thing that I didn't hear was a ton of blazing leads, like one might expect to hear from bands like Testament and Annihilator. I must mention that I was also surprised by the lyrics. With a big pentagram on the cover, I wasn't sure what to expect lyrically, however, several songs speak of faith in God in a positive manner. Check out the lyrics to "Crucifixion" posted below. I also found it interesting in the thank you notes that the bands states, "The band would like to thank first and formost God, or bringing us together and givus us our talent." That is not to say that Python are a Christian band, as a majority of the lyrics are a bit darker. Perhaps this is the reason for the title of the CD as the band paints a picture from both sides. I look forward to great things to come from this band.

Poor and lowly motral man
Teacher of truth and God's commands
He brought forth peace and showed the light
Betrayed for greed, he gave his life

Sentend to deah, we won't forget
As his hear slowed within his chest
Body, blood, bread and wine
Left to us for all of time

Saviour comes at last
Predicted from the past
Teaches what he can
Body bled for man

See my soul-that brightens up the night
All must know-why I sacrified my life

Now the nails fun deep
Through my flesh
My sacrifice
You will not forget
I gave my life for your sins
On the third day, I rose again

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