Quick Change - Circus of Death (Metal Mind) 1988

1. Will You Die (2:57)
2. Sludge (2:50)
3. Show No Mercy (3:32)
4. A.T.L. (2:52)
5. Sea Witch (3:10)
6. Leave It To The Beaver (3:42)
7. Circus Of Death (3:37)
8. Battle Your Fear (3:05)
9. Injected (2:58)
10. Death Games (4:06)
11. What's Next (3:28)
12. Plowed (2:51)
13. Final Stand (3:06)
14. War Games (3:26)

Quick Change? Who the heck are Quick Change? I had no idea either until a friend suggested I check them out. Knowing my taste for thrash and speed metal, he likened them to bands like Powermad, Intruder, Realm and Toxik and said that their debut was released on infamous speed metal label Roadrunner Records. That was pretty much all it took. I'm actually surprised I missed these guys back in the day considering at one time I would buy practically anything on the Roadrunner label. Quick Change are speed metal and are very much like what you would expect from a band on Roadrunner in 1988. Chugging, heavy, thrash metal with staccato speed riffing, the mandatory gang shouts and high, clean vocals not unlike John Cyriis or Joey Belladonna. However, Quick Change have a more raw, street sound, not unlike Zöetrope or even Gothic Slam and maybe even a hint of hardcore influence. There was a time when thrash metal bands were about having fun and injected a bit of humor into their music. Quick Change's '88 debut has that same feel. Take a listen to the completely goofy, chipmunk opening of the title track.

Circus of Death had been out of print for many years until Metal Mind reissued it in a limited edition, numbered, digi package. (My copy is #159/2000) Metal Mind does an excellent job with the packaging as usual. The 12-page booklet features photos, flyers and a ton of biographical, reading material. Also includes two bonus tracks. Metal Mind is the label that has brought back to life many classic and obscure thrash metal releases over the years.

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