Revive & Rebuke The London Quireboys - A Bit of What You Fancy (Capitol) 1990 

1.   Seven O'clock (3:38)  
2.   Man on the Loose (4:18)
3.   Whippin' Boy (4:29)
4.   Sex Party (2:36)  
5.   Sweet Mary Ann (3:38)
6.   I Don't Love You Anymore (5:02)
7.   Hey You (3:21) 
8.   Misled (3:35)
9.   Long Time Comin' (3:26)  
10.   Roses and Rings (4:13) 
11.   There She Goes Again (2:57) 
12.   Take Me Home (4:10) 

Imagine The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith at a drunker bar room jam in London with Rod Stewart behind the mic and you might have an idea of what to expect from The Quireboys. In fact, Stewart's old band Faces is a good comparison point as well. Of course Spinal Tap was also invited to the jam come up with some of the lyrics, just to keep things from getting too serious.  ("Sex Party"?) The Quireboys "A Bit of What You Fancy" is a blues-based rock and roll without an ounce of heavy metal or glam in the mixture, despite the band looking like a sleazy LA glam metal band. The songs are catchy as a cold and for the life of me, I don't understand why this album wasn't all over the radio in 1990. I mean, bands like the Black Crowes were exploiting this sound around the same time. This gem is packed with a mixture of electric and acoustic guitars, raspy vocals and a ton of soul and groove. No, it's not heavy metal but it is a solid blues-based rock and roll album from a band that is typically mislabeled as "hair metal". 

For whatever reason in Europe this band are known as The Quireboys, and in the United States they add London to the name.   

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