Rammer Rammer ‎– Suffer (Funeral Gig) 2003

1. Rammer (3:27)
2. Incisor (3:05)
3. Waste Lair (2:35)   
4. WTC Inferno (4:04)

Rammer are a Canadian thrash metal band formed in 1998, though in their early years I'd say they were closer to a death metal band than anything thrash. I tend to think of bands like Exodus, Atrophy, Testament, etc. when I think of thrash. "Suffer" has more in common with Death and Possessed than it does any of the bands I previously mentioned. Consider Rammer to be death metal meets thrash with an influence from the NWOBHM movement of the early 80's. The EP starts off with the eponymously titled song that is like a sledgehammer to the skull. It's all about speed and those gutter vocals. Having heard some later Rammer before hearing this, I tend to think that this album lacks the riffle that later Rammer has. The follow-up songs aren't much more interesting, and are again about speed for speed sake, with the vocals seemingly becoming more distorted with each track. The guitar solos that are peppered throughout this CD are quite good. "Suffer" is probably not the best album to start with for someone digging into Rammer for the first time. They have released better. It's not that this is bad, but it certainly isn't quite the riff-oriented thrash that these guys are known for either.

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