Gothic Soul RAMP - Thoughts (Rasthilo) 1991/2016

1. The Comediants (4:08)
2. Disillusions (4:19)
3. March to Death (3:13)
4. Thoughts (4:11)
5. The Last Child (5:03)
6. Try Again (3:54)
7. In The Beginning (4:39)
8. Out of This World (3:40)
9. Behind the Wall (2:57)

Ramp is a Portuguese heavy metal band who were formed as a thrash/speed metal band in 1989. "Thoughts" was originally released as a 6-song EP. The sound here is akin to the speed metal of Agent Steel, Toxik and Realm. Mostly clean, but aggressive vocals, heavy chugging riffs, mostly up-beat and fast-paced songs. However, the band isn't afraid to go into slower, more moodier terrain as well. A song like "The Last Child" is a dark moody "ballad" that recalls the darkness of songs like "Last Rose of Summer" or perhaps "Beyond the Realms of Death".

The 16-page booklet in this 2016 re-issue contains photos of the band from the time period, lyrics and a biography written in Portuguese. It's nice to finally have this forgotten gem re-released on CD.

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