Power Corrupts Redrum – Power Corrupt$ (Evil Legend) 2007

1. Greenhouse (3:55)
2. Evil'S End (3:08)
3. Power Corrupts (3:46)
4. Frontline (4:23)
5. Smear (3:39)
6. Commando (3:36)
7. P.T.L. (3:19)
8. Disarm And Survive (2:21)
9. World Ware 3/Aftermath (4:12)
10. M.I.A. (2:50)
11. Into The Ovens (3:06)
12. Random Violence (2:52)
13. Come To Me [live] (1:41)
14. Death In Disneyland [live
] (3:18)
15. Bloody Mary [
live] (3:29)
16. Blood Suckin' Freaks [
live] (2:52)
17. Sick Pleasures [
live] (2:17)
18. Deadly Blessings [
live] (2:54)
19. Fear No Evil [
live] (2:49)

Redrum are a fairly obscure, politically charged, American thrash band that were making some noise in the mid-80’s. Their one album was released in 1989, wrapped in a simple black cover with a red logo and titled "Power Corrupt$". The band plays straight forward American thrash metal with some similarities to Agent Steel, Powermad and Realm. There album is packed with rapid fire riffs, speed, aggression and the mosh ethic. The vocals are clean but aggressive and barked out in an almost hardcore/punk fashion. However, he also lets rip with some of those ear piercing high screams like John Cyriis or Joey Belladonna. Basically, "Power Corrupt$" is exactly what you might expect from a California thrash metal band from the mid-1980’s. Surprising for a band that was fairly independent, the recording is quite good as well, though the bass guitar is a bit buried. Thrash mongers such as myself should eat this stuff up. Unfortunately for the band, they were buried in a sea of bands with a similar sound.

In 2007, Evil Legend Records resurrected this long lost thrash album and had it properly mastered and released on CD with new artwork and several bonus tracks. The live tracks actually show a more aggressive side to the band with a heavy Slayer influence. " Come To Me" reminds me of " Kill ‘Em All"-era Metallica. Actually the songs has some distinct similarities to "Whiplash". The live tracks are a raw soundboard recordings and were recorded in ‘87 and ‘85. However, it’s the original twelve track album that I am most interested in. Not having the benefit of hearing the original release, I can only assume that the sound here is improved over the original. The reissue also includes a nicely laid out 12-page booklet with lyrics, vintage photos and concert flyers.

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