Red Sea

Red Sea was a one time project by vocalist Robin Kyle Basauri (ex-Joshua/Die Happy), guitar shredder Chris Howell (ex-Fear Not) along with Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson and drummer Jeff Martin.

Blood Red Sea - Blood (Rugged) 1994

1. "Soulshaker" (4:50)
2. "Blood" (4:52)
3. "Wolves At the Door" (7:19)
4. "Dust to Dust" (5:32)
5. "Last Days of Winter" (4:36)
6. "Walk on Fire" (3:57)
7. "Shades of Purple" (5:18)
8. "Hellbound Train" (5:29)
9. "Losin My Way" (5:50)
10. "Down Home Static" (1:04)
11. "Tears of Joy" (4:44)

Powerhouse vocalist Robin Kyle Basauri (ex-Joshua/Die Happy) and guitar shredder Chris Howell (ex-Fear Not) get together along with Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson and drummer Jeff Martin to release this one time blues-based, heavy metal project. This disc is a must for fans of Badlands or Die Happy as Red Sea sounds like a combination of the two, although slightly closer to the Badlands sound. "Soulshaker" is a monster of a metal tune with a killer groove and a crushing guitar tone. "Down Home Static" is a humorous take on an old time gospel blues song.

"Tears of Joy" is yet another highlight of this disc. This song was originally written by Joshua Perahia, with Basauri contributing to the lryics. The song was written while Basauri was still with Joshua. Joshua Perahia also recorded the song on his "M-Pire" CD. According to Joshua Perahia himself, the version he recorded with on "M-Pire" is closer to, "the melodic and graceful piece, I wrote."

"Blood" is an excellent bluesy, heavy metal platter by a band that was nothing more than a project. Unfortunately "Blood" is out of print as Rugged Records went out of business.

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