Rhino Bucket Rhino Bucket (Reprise) 1990

1. "One Night Stand" (4:03)
2. "Beg for Your Love" (4:30)
3. "Train Ride" (4:14)
4. "Going Down Tonight" (4:04)
5. "Even the Sun Goes Down" (3:59)
6. "Blood on the Cross" (3:52)
7. "Shot Down" (4:25)
8. "I'd Rather Go Insane" (3:24)
9. "Inside/Outside" (3:39)
10. "Ride the Rhino" (2:53)

Rhino Bucket's self titled debut album is full of simple, boogie 'n' blues based hard rock. Rhino Bucket are one of the many, many bands that were inspired by AC/DC. At times the similarities to AC/DC are uncanny. However, Rhino Bucket also have subtle differences that distinguish them. The biggest link to AC/DC is the vocals. Vocalist Georg Dolivo has a snarl that is similar to the late, great Bon Scott, but his tone is quite different. Overall, I don't find them to be any more a clone than Dirty Looks, Krokus, Dangerous Toys, etc. Rhino Bucket just play good time rock and roll with plenty of attitude and a whole lot of hook.

Get Used To It Rhino Bucket - Get Used to It (Reprise) 1992

1. Beat to Death Like a Dog (4:55)
2. No Friend of Mine (3:39)
3. Hey There (4:15)
4. The Devil Sent You (4:07)
5. This Ain't Heaven (4:23)
6. She's a Screamer (3:42)
7. Bar Time (4:16)
8. Burn the World (3:57)
9. Ride With Yourself (3:20)
10. Scratch 'n' Sniff (3:55)
11. Stomp (2:31)

AC/DC should just be a music genre in and of itself. There would be jazz, rap, funk, hard rock, heavy metal, and AC/DC! Inasmuch, Rhino Bucket would be one of the best AC/DC bands out there. "Get Used to It" is the second album from LA rockers Rhino Bucket. As with their debut the sound here is balls-to-the-wall, turn it up to 11, heavy, rock and roll. It's no big shock that Rhino Bucket are often accused of being an AC/DC clone. In reality, their sound does have many similarities to the Down Under bad-boys, but I doubt anyone would mistake Rhino Bucket for the Young brothers. This is just sleazy, bar-room rock and roll with more hooks than a tackle box and some heavy rock and roll riffing. I enjoy the heck out of these guys. What else really needs to be said? Rock on!

Theatre of Fate Rhino Bucket - Pain (Moonstone) 1994

1. "Pain" (4:34)
2. "I Stand Before You" (6:15)
3. "Too Much Talk" (4:36)
4. "Blow By Blow" (4:27)
5. "Mad Maggie" (3:28)
6. "Bird On A Wire" (5:25)
7. "What'd You Expect" (4:48)
8. "I Was Told" (3:47)
9. "The Hard Grind" (4:16)
10. "World Gone Mad" (5:05)

Solid hard rock with a big AC/DC influence. This being the first Rhino Bucket CD I've heard, I can most certainly hear why people label them as an AC/DC clone, but at the same time, "Pain" seems a bit darker and more moody than AC/DC. So, rather than give them the "clone" label, I would say they wear their influences on their sleeve. However, with Simon Wright, an ex-AC/DC member, on drums my point may be mute. (Wright has also been a member of Dio) Regardless, "Pain" is chock full of heavy, boogie rockers and is a good, heavy, rock 'n' roll album. Georg Dolivo has a gravely, Bon Scott-like howl that works well. "Pain", "Mad Maggie", "Bird On A Wire" and "Hard Grind" are all standout cuts. "Mad Maggie" even has some slide guitar that reminded me of "Rocks'-era Aerosmith. Fans of bands like Broken Teeth, Dirty Looks, Kix, and of course AC/DC, should find something to like here.

Who's Got Mine? Rhino Bucket - Who's Got Mine? (Acetate) 2010

1. Message In My Bottle (3:10)
2. Lifeline (3:49)
3. Back To Nowhere (3:34)
4. Drive Thru Liquor (2:59)
5. Who's Got Mine (4:27)
6. Her Way (2:35)
7. Joke's On You (3:01)
8. Chase The Case (3:30)
9. Hollywood And Wine (3:43)
10. Something For Nothing (2:49)
11. Rare Beauty (3:49)

"Who's Got Mine?" is the sixth studio album from Rhino Bucket and was one that was funded by the fans thru Kickstarter. For the most part this album is exactly what you would expect from this band. They really haven't strayed from their AC/DC-inspired sleaze rock formula and that is exactly what they deliver here, albeit with a bit more spit and polish in the production. Frankly I think the cleaner production robs the band of some of their raw edge and rock and roll energy. But production aside, the songs are there and that is what is important.

The disc kicks off with the head-banging "Message In a Bottle". No, this isn't Rhino Bucket's take on the classic Police song, though that might have been cool too. Rather it's a raunchy boogie-rock original with a big sing-along chorus. In fact, most of the tracks included here have those toe-tapping, meaty hooks and sing along choruses. "Lifeline" follows in similar manner adding in a bit of a Southern rock vibe. "Back to Nowhere" slows the pace down a bit temporarily until "Drive Thru Liquor" picks it right back up again. A few songs down the CD "Her Way" takes the intensity up a little more; the song features an explosive guitar solo. Without getting into each and every song, "Who's Got Mine?" is a solid album from front to back that should please fans of their classic albums, even if the production is a bit too clean for Rhino's raunchy rock 'n' roll sound.

No Song... Rhino Bucket-  No Song Left Behind (Acetate) 2016

1.   Sights Too High (4:08)
2.   Been There, Done That (4:54)
3.   Nothin' To Lose (3:58)
4.   One Night Stand (Live) (4:18)
5.   Beat To Death Like A Dog (Live) (4:51)
6.   Hey There (Live) (4:15)
7.   Ride The Rhino (Live) (3:17)
8.   Train Ride (Live) (4:25)
9.   She's A Screamer (Live) (6:15)
10. Rather Go Insane (4:23)
11. Hand To Mouth (4:36)
12. Scratch N'Sniff (3:58)
13. Shot Down (4:07)
14. One Night Stand (4:21)
15. This Ain't Heaven (4:37)

Some bands release box sets with all their hits intermixed with rarity tracks, b-sides and such. The true fans of who would buy such a thing usually already have all the hits and albums, so sometimes they are nothing more than money grabs. In this case, Rhino Bucket just put out a CD packed full of rarity tracks without all the fluff and fill. What we get here are three early unreleased studio tracks (tracks 1-3) that sound exactly like anyone would expect. AC/DC inspired, heavy, boogie-rock with those scratchy vocals and big hooks. Tracks 5 - 8 are raw and raunchy live tracks featuring tracks from the band's early and out of print albums. The remaining seven tracks are all demos. When people think demo they tend to think poor quality recording, but that is not the case at all here. All seven tracks are prime Rhino Bucket. In fact, this odds-n-sods collection is a solid listen from front to back. I found myself playing it over and over again much like any of their other albums when I first acquire them.

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