Anthology Robyn Danger - Anthology (Stormspell) 2009

1. Scream (Your Lungs Out) (3:12)
2. Dreamstate (4:44)
3. Payback's a Bitch  (3:45)
4. Too Far Gone (3:43)
5. Nasty Lady (4:05)
6. Counter Attack (3:25)
7. Murder Breeds Murder (3:09)
8. I'm Running (4:41)
9. Grab a Hold and Pull (3:53)
10. Night Porter (4:39)
11. Master of Discipline (4:11)
12. Winds of Change (3:06)
13. You Don't Own Me (3:28)
14. Tears in the Rain (5:12)
15. Full Load (4:20)
16. Burning Heaven (4:48)
17. Time Will Tell (4:59)

Robyn Danger? Who the heck is Robyn Danger? That was my first reaction upon receiving this CD in the mail. One quick spin of the record revealed that Robyn Danger are a classic heavy metal band whose driving force is the female vocalist for which the band is named. Formed in 1982 in California during the explosion of heavy metal, the band never got beyond releasing a handful of demo tapes and independently released EP, starting with the awkwardly titled 1985 demo "Scream Your Lungs Out". "Anthology" is a compilation of those various demos; Track 1-4 from "Scream Your Lungs Out" (1985), 5-8 from "Nasty Lady" (1988), 9-12 from "Grab Hold... and Pull!" (1990) and 13-17 from "Time Will Tell" demo (1992). All in all, the CD features seventeen tracks and nearly seventy minutes of female-fronted classic heavy metal. 

It's odd that this band never progressed beyond demos. The material presented here is easily as good as many of the other female fronted bands from the time; Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, etc.. The production on the 80's tracks aren't at all weak. Generally when I think of 80's demos, I think of something that is very roughly recorded. That is not the case here at all. Actually, the Scream Your Lungs Out" and "Nasty Lady" material is very well recorded. Of course the vocals are at the forefront of all the recordings. 

Robyn has a slightly gruff voice that would match the likes of Chastain's Leather. She tends to adjust her style a bit depending on the track. For the heavier numbers she adds a bit more aggression and grit, while on the mellower tracks she has very smooth sound that fits the song. For the most part, the band sticks to the heavier numbers, only adding an occasional ballad such as the melancholy "Dreamstate", the acoustic driven "Winds of Change" and the bluesy, Southern rock tinged "Tears in the Rain". Musically the band is somewhat melodic and sticks to very traditional, 1980's heavy metal. On some of the heavier tracks such "Scream", "Counter Attack" and "Payback's a Bitch" I was reminded of classic Warlock, while on some of the more melodic numbers the band has a more hard rock sound, not unlike Heart. 

As usual with any Stormspell release, the packaging is fantastic as well. Fans of female fronted, classic heavy metal bands such as Chastain, Ransom, Warlock, etc. would do themselves well to check this CD out. 

It's also worth mentioning that the band has a video on YouTube featuring a Maiden-inspired track I believe is titled "Dead and Gone". Unfortunately that track is not on this compilation.

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