The Drowning Pool Rumbledog - The Drowning Pool (Mirror) 1995

1. Face of Red Dog (3:20)
 2. Ever Clear (4:39)
 3. Don't Breathe the Air (4:21)
 4. Black Betty (4:20)
 5. Emancipated (4:33)
 6. Cicada (4:08)
 7. Drowning Pool (1:25)
 8. Burning Crosses (3:47)
 9. Some Other Day (4:35)
 10. Chewing on the Razor Blade (3:36)
 11. Narcissist [hidden track] (2:15)

Rumbledog was the band formed by Dirty Looks main-man Henrik Ostergaard just after he decided to (temporarily) disolve Dirty Looks in 1993. The first, self-titled album came out in 1993 and saw many tunes recoded that were originally written under the Dirty Looks name, though they appeared with altered lyrics and titles. The second and final Rumbledog album entitled "The Drowning Pool" came out in 1995. "The Drowning Pool" is basically Dirty Looks dressed in flannel and sounding just a bit meaner, nastier and perhaps slightly heavier. "The Drowning Pool" most certainly isn't "Cool from the Wire" or "Turn of the Screw", but it's not all that different from the direction that Henrick Ostergaard took Dirty Looks in the 90's and beyond. In fact, the upbeat title track could have easily have been recorded on any number of Dirty Looks album. For the most part, however, this is down and dirty rock and roll. There are a few moments where the band pays homage to their roots, such as the Janis Joplin influenced "Some Other Day". "Black Betty" is an old blues song by Leadbelly later popularized by Ram Jam in the 70's. The album ends with a hidden bonus track titled "Narcissist" that is a funny little joke track."The Drowning Pool" is highly recommended for fans of Dirty Looks. Ignore reviews that say the band were trying too hard to be modern. "The Drowning Pool" is chock full of memorable licks, guitar solos, etc. The band may have been dressed in flannel shirts, but the sound is still rock and roll.

A bit of trivia, "The Drowning Pool" featured guitarist Mike Smith who later joined Henrick in Burning Orange before moving onto Limp Bizkit.

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